#MamasMashup – Pledge to Unplug Twitter Chat 3/3 at 9pm EST

We’re baaaaaaaaaack!!!! It’s amazing how many inbox messages and e-mails we’ve gotten from people who have been supporting Mamas Mashup from day one, or even those who just got on board and found out what the hype was about recently 🙂 Either way, it feels good to be loved, so we’re excited to gear up for Monday’s twitter chat.

As bloggers, writers, mothers, wives, business and career women, we understand all too well how hectic life can get. But we also understand the importance of learning how to unplug not only for ourselves but for our children. So this March, we’re asking you to take the Unplug Pledge with us. I’ll be sharing more details about that next week. But in the meantime and in between time, just think about what you need to unplug from? This is different from everyone. For me personally, there are a few things that I’ll be doing to include scheduling and limiting my time on social media.

But before that happens, we’ve got a twitter chat to discuss! We’re especially excited to have RUUM American Kids’ Wear as our sponsor for this #MamasMashup Twitter chat. We will be giving away 4 $25 gift cards to 4 lucky mommies (and their babies).

No RSVP is required, but you must follow @MamasMashup@MomsNCharge, @DearMomDiary, @SmartNSassyMom@RUUMkidswear in order to qualify. Easy peasy!

So get ready to take the #MamasMashup Unplug Pledge with us and make RUUM for your family this Spring!

Aren’t our mini-me’s just scrumptious? 😉

Mamas Mashup - unplug RUUM



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