Au-mazing super powers….POWWW into 2017

Super powers, super mom

Au-mazing SUPER powers that you must take into 2017

As a mom of an Au-mazing son Zachary, it can be so exhausting that I often forget about my SUPER powers. Most moms, especially moms of children with special needs, get tired. With our long list of “to do” duties, IEP meetings, therapy session coordinating and mommy/wife responsibilities; by the end of the year….. depleted.  Well NOT this mom!! I’m taking all my lessons learned in 2016 and using them to catapult me into 2017.

In 2016 I learned more about using my super powers to boldly speak, write and train other Autism caregivers to shift their mindsets, ignite their fire and use their super powers to elevate their lives to unrecognizable levels. Three SUPER POWERS to take into 2017 are:


We have to believe more in ourselves than we should expect from someone else. Even if your ideas sound crazy to another person. That’s okay! The most ingenious ideas were laughed at by many others. Your beliefs are yours. They belong to you, based on your walk, your journey, and your experience. Trusting in your belief system is essential.


I can’t remember anything that I really wanted in my life occurring without some blood, sweat, and tears. I call it GRIT. It means that there is a certain level of hard work, due diligence and bad-assedness that takes place to achieve success that originated as a thought or idea. See, what begins as a thought or idea can be placed into reality, but it takes hard work and a serious level of determination.

Gratitude  “In everything you do, give thanks

Being in a constant state of gratitude reminds you to be humble, demonstrates an understanding that you are not the sole creator for the magic that occurs. Your gratitude opens doors for more goodness to come into your life. I strongly believe in the power of gratitude. Continue to practice gratitude in your life daily, through words, random acts of kindness, or through meditation, or prayer.

As we reflect on what we have manifested in 2016 and now start creating plans for manifestations in 2017, lets reflect on 2016.

What are you bringing into 2017 to ignite you to your next level of success and happiness? Leave your responses below or share them in my private Facebook group at acceptautismfest.

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