You Are a Dreamer! Empowering Words from Princeton Parker to Disney Dreamers Class of 2017 #ddaDisney

One thing that I’ve mentioned to people about the Disney Dreamers Academy is that this event is just as much for the adults and all others attending (whether it be media, guests, etc.) as it is for the students selected to participate.

So when Princeton Parker opened up the official kickoff ceremony with his (what I call) “You Are a Dreamer” speech, I leaned in. I took notes and I listened back to his words even after the event.

Princeton is no rookie to delivering powerful messages from center stage. Believe it or not, he started speaking at age two (yes) and had preached his first sermon by age four (yes again). Below is his opening speech that kicked off the Disney Dreamers 2017 celebration!

Disney Dreamers Alumni Cathleen Daly (left), N’Nasserie Carew-Johnson (center) and Princeton Parker (right) wave to crowd at Magic Kingdom during the opening pre-parade kickoff.

Dreamers are concerned with something that’s bigger than right now.

Dreamers are always concerned about not what’s happened in the past, but what they can do to create a better future!

Dreamers are always concerned about not what does everyone else think of them, but how can I challenge thought to create a different reality?

Dreamers are concerned with perspective.

While you’re here, how are you going to broaden your perspective? How are you going to get some knowledge that is going to make you think differently?

Dreamers are concerned about people.

Dreamers understand that the only reason why they’re here is because of people.

And the main strength they’ll be able to have to get to where they want to go is people.

It was Juvaughn (?) Johnson who said: Sometimes it appears that I’m standing tall when actually, I am just standing on those who were willing to put step ladders on their backs for me.

Dreamers understand that the reason why I am here is because there is some type of legacy that came before me.

I want you to know that as you embrace these four days that are going to change your life, know that you are here because of the people who paved the way.

You’re here because of people like Mikki Taylor, Steve Harvey, President Michelle Ebanks, Jonathan Sprinkles; you’re here because these people created a legacy that they’re going to give to you.

Dreamers are also concerned not only about the people who are bringing them, but then the people they are responsible for bringing along.

Disney Dreamer Alumni in the pre-parade kickoff event for DDA 2017

Dreamers are concerned about purpose.

It was Dr. Myles Munroe who said, wherever purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable.

So whatever I don’t know the reason for a thing, I will not use it to its’ true value or potential. So my question to you is: why are you here?

Are you here to meet Steve Harvey? Or are you here to learn something that will make you the Steve Harvey of your generation?

Are you here to have a good time? Or are you here to embark on a life-changing experience?

Are you here to take some dope selfies with some cool people? Or are you here to make lasting relationships that will propel you into the next manifestation of your greatest dream?

What’s your purpose? And who are you here for?

All I’m saying is: I want you to know that you are a Dreamer!

You are a Dreamer. That means you matter!

You are a Dreamer, that means you’re valuable.

You are a Dreamer. That means that you have a reason for being here.

You are a Dreamer. That means you’ve got to speak up.

You are a Dreamer. That means you’ve got to listen well.

You are a Dreamer. That means you are responsible for sharing your story.

You are a Dreamer. That means that you have to listen to the story of others.

You are a Dreamer. That means that you have something to contribute.

You are a Dreamer. That means that you have power, passion, and purpose.

You are a Dreamer. That means that nothing can stop you.

You are a Dreamer. That means that you don’t stop at what people have done against you or what systems are against you. You take ownership of your success.

You are a Dreamer. That means you don’t focus on what’s not possible. You focus on what IS possible.

You are a Dreamer. You don’t say things like, “I can’t”. You say things like, “I will.”

You are a Dreamer. That means you don’t say things like “I’m not”. You say things like, “I am” or “I will become.”

You are a Dreamer. This means that you know that the future is bright. You’re a Dreamer.

You’re a Dreamer which means that over these next four days you will receive a legacy. But you will also be responsible for leaving a legacy.

That’s what the tenth year is all about. And when you leave your legacy focused on perspective, people and purpose, that’s what I call DDA to the Power of 10!

DDA Class of 2017 arriving at Magic Kingdom in the pre-parade kickoff event.

Yo…Princeton Parker: you SAID THAT! This young man has you clinging on to his every word any time he speaks. And with these words from his opening, you can see why.

Here is the audio I recorded because hearing him say it is that much more powerful. Click on the link below.

With these empowering words to kick off the weekend, the DDA class of 2017 had no choice but to leave inspired and empowered.

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I still have plenty more to share including interviews from Brandi & Karli Harvey, their brother Wynton Harvey, Jonathan Sprinkles, Dr. Alex Ellis, Dr. Steve Perry, Yolanda Adams, and of course several of the 2017 Dreamers and DDA Alumni. Stay tuned!

This visit to attend the Disney Dreamers Academy was sponsored by Walt Disney World. As always, the thoughts and opinions are my own.

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