How to End Your Pity Party Once and For All

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I’ve always considered myself as a glass-half-full kinda gal, but at times the vision gets blurred, the devil’s lies become believable and life kinda looks like it sucks. When I start feeling that way I beat myself up for feeling like that, which makes it even worse, lol. One of my pastors said it’s ok to have a pity party once in a while, the danger is camping there and making that party a lifestyle.

Power of Gratitude

So many successful people that I listen to mention gratitude as being the currency of life that contributes to their success. So these past couple of days I’ve intentionally attempted to look at things in a positive light. It might be hard, but to everything, there’s an opposite. So no matter how bad and ugly, there is a silver lining or something to be grateful for. During Sunday’s sermon actually, my church was challenged to pray for others that are praying for the blessings you already have. And that’s actually a great way to end a pity party – take the focus off yourself.

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Praying for the less fortunate reminds you of how much you actually have to be grateful for. And I’m not even talking about those starving in 3rd world countries. You just have to look down the street to the family praying for a child, meanwhile your rugrats are driving you up the wall. I’m talking about the man crying out to the Lord for a job, meanwhile you curse every time the alarm goes off in the morning when you have to get ready for yours. You get the picture. Practicing gratefulness and remembering the days when you prayed for what you have now will nip that pity party in the butt real quick. You may have seen this quote float around on Instagram:

What Are You Listening To?

Another effective way to end a pity party is to listen to some good news. By good news I mean the good word, the word of God. Like I mentioned in the intro, the devil wants to steal your joy and so to not believe his lies, find your truth in Him who fearfully and wonderfully made you. Sometimes we don’t want to hear it. Trust me, I’ve been there. When I intentionally put on that album that takes my pity party to the next level. You know the one that gives you permission to feel even more sorry for yourself, lol.

That album for me is the Waiting to Exhale Soundtrack. A wicked good album, but depending on my mood, it gets those waterworks going, lol. I mean with tracks like “It Hurts like Hell”, “Why does it Hurt So Bad”, and “Not Gon’ Cry”, how could it not? And that’s not even half the album, lol. My point is, those are the moments when hearing something positive and cliche gets the side eye, lol. We have to force ourselves though. After 2 tracks unplug whatever’s playing your pity party’s greatest hits. Change that voice in your head. To help drown it out, why don’t you give Joel Osteen’s podcasts a try.

Stay Blessed (& Positive)!

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