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Last week I got the news that I had been selected as one of the Role Models for the 2016 Black Canadian Women Awards and I was literally taken aback and even confused as to the nomination, much more so the selection. But a talk with my step-dad kind of put it in perspective when he pointed out that I’ve been diligent in my efforts.

There’s a quote that says “diligence is the mother of good fortune”, and although I can’t claim me and consistency are BFF’s, I’m definitely acquainted with persistence and diligence. As much as I want that overnight success like the next person (let’s be honest), I find it in me somewhere to keep going and keep trucking. Ultimately I believe it’s because I know my why, where I want to be, what I want to earn; and let’s keep it all the way real, the house I’m going to buy, lol.

Diligence Quote

I’ve also learned that any form of good fortune comes on the heels of serving. Our purpose always goes beyond ourselves and the more we can be of value to someone else, the more fortune is likely to come our way. Giving can sometimes become draining if and when we don’t see an immediate return, but that’s where the diligence comes in. You know that your product, service or blog adds value, but you’re not seeing the reaction you expected. Know that there can be 100 reasons for why that is, from marketing to targeting the wrong audience, or people appreciating it, but simply not commenting or sharing.

So my motivation for you today is to never give up on your hopes and dreams. If you have a conviction regarding what you have to offer, then remain diligent in your efforts. I’ll end with these famous failures to motivate you to keep hustling.

Famous failures diligence

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