3 Ways Single Mothers Can Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Single mothers celebrate Valentine's Day

Hello ladies! As you know, this is the month to not only celebrate our rich history but it is also a month to celebrate LOVE! I know for us singles, it can be a rough month if we have not found anyone special. Now add being a single mother to the mix! That alone can be more challenging. Some of us do not have as much time to spare for ourselves. Juggling career, kids, homework, cooking, cleaning, and bedtime, we can get pretty exhausted.

It has been 9 years since I had a Valentine. My husband was tragically killed 9 years ago, so I have not had a real Valentine since. I do not count that one year I had a date. I was more interested in Denzel Washington in his latest movie that year than my actual date. It was a disaster for sure, lol.

If your are a single parent, then you may be in the same boat as me. No prospects for a Valentine’s Day date and I will most likely spend February 14th with the kids. I used to be sad every February 14th because I was once again dateless and though I love my kids, I wanted to spend that day at a nice restaurant drinking champagne and getting the typical roses and chocolates. But after I finally embraced my single season, I decided that I can turn this day about love around, and spend an extra special time with my three my children.

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Here are three tips on how you can enjoy Valentines Day, with your kids or alone.

1. It’s ok to include your kids on Valentines Day!

I used to be sad that I will only be celebrating Valentine’s Day with my kids. This year I am embracing it with joy! I am taking my kids to the lake and we are going to have a picnic. I will have chocolates and a rose for my three kids, and I am excited to be out with them. So include your kids in your day and take them out somewhere special. Show them that Valentine’s Day is a day you spend with the ones you love, which is them!

2. Cook yourself a special Valentine’s dinner!

If you are going to be home and not at a fancy restaurant with someone special, then cook yourself a special meal! Whatever you love to eat, cook it and have a nice glass of champagne, or sparkling cider if you do not drink. Enjoy your time and cook something special for yourself. Besides, you can eat and enjoy your meal without worrying if you have something stuck to your teeth or being extra careful eating, so you won’t look like a greedy person to your date, lol.

3. Put the kids to bed and Netflix and chill with yourself!

The kids will be exhausted being out and having a good day. So after they finally go to sleep, treat yourself to a movie and popcorn date with yourself! You can now Netflix and chill and not have someone trying to whisper in your ear, lol. Pick out a movie you have not watched or pick a movie you really love and pop that popcorn and eat that box of Godiva chocolates and enjoy watching a movie in peace!

I hope my three tips were helpful to my single mothers! We will be blessed with a special mate when the time is right! God will send us someone who will treat us the way we deserve to be treated! For now, be thankful for what you are blessed with now, and everything else will fall into place.

Which is your favourite Valentine’s Day/love movie?

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  • Shantae Pelt
    February 13, 2016 at 3:55 PM

    This was such a great read . I like that you mentioned to show your children it’s important to share this day with someone you love. Which is not always a significant other . However, Is it bad that I’m totally in love with #3 LOL !

  • Keeya Waldon
    February 13, 2016 at 8:22 PM

    LOL Thank you Shantae!!! Girl #3 is a must!!!! Waiting on my Husband to Netflix and Chill lol. For now i love being alone and watching a good movie in peace!
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