Self-Love Also Counts On Valentine’s Day

self-love love yourself on valentine's day

Valentine’s Day has different meanings and ways of expressing love depending on who you ask. For the married person, it can be a national day of love to share with the one you love. For the unattached person just “kicking it”, the day really may not mean a thing because you aren’t serious about relationships. For the “I want to get to know you better” person, they may actually take the time to get their special someone a little something just to say I like you. And the single person? How does this day fall into their schedule? Well, I’m here to tell you that self-love also counts on Valentine’s Day.

I feel I can be honest with you and my feelings as a single woman. For me being single for a little over 8 years, this day is just another day. Sad isn’t it? I have my kids that used to shower me with flowers, cards, and candy, which was great. But after a few years, it’s like “jeez is this how it’s going to be for the rest of my life, my kids treating me on Valentine’s Day?” Lol. Don’t tell me I’m the only single mom who thinks this way. Can anybody relate to this?

When you’re waiting for that special someone you just can’t put a timeframe on when God is going to move and make it happen. Some may not be at this point in their lives and that’s fine, but if you’re still out there dating and no one has popped the question yet, do they shower you with love, affection, and gifts on Valentine’s Day? For those who say no, and I know some of you will, why wait on them? Why wait for a man to do what you can do yourself? I am fully capable of going to the florist and buying my own flowers. I know how to go home, get out the vase, and put them in water. I know how to go shopping for a box of chocolates, a card, and can even sign my name to it or put from “your secret admirer”.

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Ladies, do we have to wait or can we love ourselves now? Appreciate ourselves now? Do for ourselves now? Treat ourselves now? My dad told me years ago when I was a young girl just starting to notice boys “never depend on a man for anything”. While there were times his words to me went right over my head, as I got older I came to appreciate those words. I am fully capable of loving myself, it took me years to get to that place but I finally got there. I had to remind myself that while we were put on this earth to love one another, appreciate and care for one another, there is nothing wrong with self-love and self-care. If you can’t do these two simple tasks for yourself, how can you honestly do for another?

While many may say and think that Valentine’s day is about gifts, dinner by candlelight, boxes of chocolate, heart-shaped candies, weekend getaways, shopping for lingerie, big fluffy teddy bears, oversized cards that don’t really tell how you feel, a dozen red roses that will wilt away in a couple of days, and endless “hashtags” that will be there long after Valentine’s Day, I say Valentine’s Day is about love. Love is really what matters! Let it be self-love and give yourself a big hug! Take care of you and treat yourself to something special. Don’t wait for someone to do what you can do yourself!

What are some ways you would suggest a single woman show herself love on Valentine’s Day?

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  • Christine St.Vil
    February 13, 2016 at 10:05 PM

    Yasssssss Tamara! Love this! One of my favorite quotes is: no one can love us better than we love ourselves. When we truly love ourselves, that love radiates on the outside.

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