Taking a Social Media Break Cost Me Followers But This Is Why I Don’t Care

Social media break

Being busy will make you tired! I am back after a much-needed break. It started out just me needing a break and maybe even some rest, but then I got word that a friend had passed and then it turned into something else. How do you deal with the loss of a loved one or someone you call a friend? I have never been good at dealing with death; I’m either a crying maniac or quiet and secluded.

I really let all my social media go I wasn’t posting like I’m used to doing and it showed because I lost a lot of followers which actually made me laugh. Why do you ask? Because if it’s that easy for someone to stop following you then they weren’t going to be a loyal follower anyway. My content didn’t change. My messages are always positive and uplifting. When you are busy posting daily and then you don’t, people will notice. I needed some personal time and I took it; people that value you and appreciate you would understand that.

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My friend that passed understood me, appreciated me, and most importantly, accepted me for who I was! During our time as friend’s, life happened. Many times we lost track of each other but God always brought us back together; He always allow social meed us to reconnect and it was always as if we never parted. That’s friendship and that’s loyalty.

That time away from social media allowed me to think about so much and going forward I won’t worry about numbers on social media, but I will tell you this – if the numbers continue to decline I will laugh each and every time! Laughter is the best medicine and I do my best to get a daily dose!

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