Autism Mom Motivation: 3 Survival Tools to Face your Fears

Autism Fears
Your child has been diagnosed with being on the Autism Spectrum, now what?!? There is no manual and you are stuck in the middle of an ocean (one of my biggest fears), without a life jacket or manual on what to do. You are left with a gazillion questions. Now left in the water, it’s up to you to face your fears and choose to sink or swim.  Most of us know we have to face our fears and choose to swim,  but this is not so simple.

Just Keep Swimming

Sometimes the water may feel rough and extreme at times. Sometimes the world will see us, taking one breath at a time. Often extremely exhausted swinging one arm over the other, trying our best to… SWIM.  THEN, there are moments that you may not see, where we are simply floating. Bobbing up and down, gasping for the next breath of air. Moving our arms to just keep ourselves afloat and alive.

For times like this, Autism moms need au-mazing techniques and strategies to get us back into championship swim mode.  As a mom with a son with autism, a communication expert working with autism families for almost 20 years and author of Au-mazing Gift: A Journey to Autism Acceptance, here are 3 survival tools to swim through your fears with Autism

Survival Tool 1. Behavior Management

We constantly have fears around how to deal with the different or new unexpected behaviors that surface at home and at school.  Behavior management continues to be among the top of the list for autism needs. These are the areas where changes in routines, challenges with communication and social cues can result in unexpected behavior.

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Survival Tool 2: Communication Connection

Autism moms worry about whether our child will communicate? Communication connection tools will help you to learn how to attach and engage with those on the spectrum. It’s best to learn simple techniques to help this engagement be as effortless as possible. Which by the way will also help with behavior management.

Survival Tool 3: Finance Relief

As a parent or individual on the spectrum, we often wonder how will we afford all of THIS (therapies, numerous appointments, special diets etc.). We stay up late some nights wondering what will happen to our kids if anything unexpected happens to us. It’s really up to us to start addressing these fears and start putting together a plan, a legacy plan.

Au-mazing Gifts Virtual Summit Week

If you’ve found yourself facing any of these fears among many, I have some great news. This week I’m hosting the
Au-mazing Gifts Virtual Summit Week. This summit will give you access to 7 experts that will share quick tips to face these fears and get into ACTION to SWIM like a champion. The experts will share a few important survival tips about Autism with behavior, communication, advocacy, finance, legacy building, education and sensory. Each day addressing different areas to help you to look at some of these fears and swim forward like a “boss” mom.
Families with children with autism do their best with what they know, and with the knowledge and additional experience they gather through the years. Would you be interested in adding more knowledge to your autism life jacket? Join us here today.

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