Did you know stress can reduce your sex drive?

Stress can reduce your sex drive

As a busy mother and wife, you have a lot on your plate. You may be worried about that work project that is not finished yet and laundry is not done. You have to get everything done before the kids and husband get home from school and work. Those bills are piling up and you are not sure how you are going to get everything paid. The kids need new pairs of shoes and it is not in your budget at the moment. Do you want to know what the perfect solution to the problem is? DON’T STRESS!

Stressing can cause a lot of wear and tear on the body and spirit. Did you know that stressing can affect your health? Here are some ways stress may affect your body, mood, and health on a daily basis.

How Stress Affects Your Body:

  • Muscle Tension/pain
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Sex drive decrease
  • Headache
  • Stomach issues (upset stomach)
  • Chest pains

How Stress Affects Your Mood:

  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Sadness
  • Lack of motivation
  • Anger
  • Irritability

How Stress Affects Your Health

  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease
  • Digestion
  • Stroke
  • Hair loss
  • Aging

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The fact is, stress does not solve your problems. From the list above,  stress will not only keep you from coping with everyday activities, but it can bring you down physically. What you need to know is that when you focus on the problem and not the solution, you accomplish nothing. What you have to understand is that focusing on a healthy and attainable goal should be the main focus when issues of life surface. We cannot control the things that hit us hard, but we can control how we react to the problem. Here are some easy and stress free tips to get your inner peace back:

  • Prayer/ Mediate (those who are spiritual can pray to God for guidance and peace.)
  • Take a deep breath (this slows down your heart rate and blood pressure.)
  • Change your diet (eat a healthier and more balanced meal.)
  • Time/Money management (find ways to organize your time and  budget your finances.)
  • Counter negative thoughts with positive thoughts (speak out loud the good things that will happen.)
  • Go to sleep! (go to bed earlier if you need more time to rest. More sleep will leave you less cranky.)

I hope that these tips help those who are stressing out about issues of life. Remember that you cannot break each brick that life throws, but you can build with those bricks and form a strong foundation!

What is your favourite/most effective stress reliever? 

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  • Reply
    May 20, 2016 at 3:07 PM

    This is all so true especially the lack of sleep. I am always “mom tired” but working on it. We (the hubs and I) deserve better. LOL

    • Reply
      Keeya Waldon
      May 29, 2016 at 2:54 PM

      Yes! Stress can affect us mamas! I know you and your husband have had your share of stress. I suffer from ” mom tired” on a daily basis lol. I am still tired but stress free. I don’t let stressful situations get the best of me. With you and your husband, don’t let it ruin your sex life! Married couples need that special time alone girl lol! I pray you use the tips to become stress free so that you can enjoy your time alone.

  • Reply
    Jessica Hill
    May 21, 2016 at 10:23 PM

    Great post sis!! This is so true about how stress really affects your body!! Will be putting your tips to use!!

    • Reply
      Keeya Waldon
      May 29, 2016 at 2:55 PM

      Yes girl! put those tips into good use!c

      • Reply
        Keeya Waldon
        May 29, 2016 at 2:56 PM

        I know we both are single mama of three. But these tips should lower your stress levels and you can enjoy life more. I am always praying for you my sis!

  • Reply
    Moms 'N Charge Natural Remedies For Stress And Pain - Moms 'N Charge
    May 27, 2016 at 12:34 AM

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  • Reply
    Christine St.Vil
    May 30, 2016 at 12:54 AM

    Sooo what you’re saying is…this bowl of cookies and cream ice cream I just ate probably won’t help any stress levels? LOL These are great tips and so important to keep in mind Keeya! Thanks for sharing!

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