Behind The Smile: How I Found Relief (& Almost Cure) For My Dyshidrotic Eczema (Part 2)

Ever since I published my first post about my battle with dyshidrotic eczema, I have gotten sooo many messages (via text, DMs, phone calls, comments, etc.) from people all over. Some just lending words of encouragement, some sharing in my battle and some discovering that this may be what they are currently battling with.

It took me a long time to share as I mentioned previously. I’m happy to say that I’m in a much better space and have found some serious relief. I no longer have chronic breakouts like I used to. I am not a medical professional, so the info in this post is only being shared in the hopes of helping someone else find relief.

If you missed Part 1 of my story, click here to read it.

Embarrassed and Uncomfortable

There were so many times I just wanted to stay behind closed doors. But because of what I do for a living, many times it was impossible. I just had to grin and bear it. I had to find ways to draw less attention to my hands; to conceal the breakouts as much as possible. And I would always count down to the time I could get home and find relief in not having to “hide” it.

I could put my hand cream on, and wrap my hands up to help with some of the pain. But it also kept me from completely scratching my skin off. We went through so much first aid products, if you looked in my bathroom you would’ve thought one of us was a medical professional.

In search of eczema relief

When I tell you I have tried everything, I really have. I’m not big on prescription medication. But I was desperate so I tried the steroids prescribed by the dermatologist I went to. I didn’t do anything. I watched a gazillion YouTube videos and read a bunch more articles. I tried what they did. I changed the products I was using. I changed my diet.

I stopped getting my nails done because of the chemicals. I tried tracking what I ate to try to connect it with the breakouts and nothing ever added up. For the most part, I do intermittent fasting and I believe that has helped a great deal.

I mentioned earlier that when you have this condition, it is painful to wash your hands. I travel a lot. So there’s a need to wash my hands a lot. I would hold back tears because the stabbing pain was so great. I would try to minimize the amount of time my hands spent in water without making it look like I didn’t have proper hygiene.

What I didn’t mention is that during the healing process when the blisters dry, your skin also cracks and often times bleeds (in my case). So they feel like tiny papercuts all over, usually my fingertips. And guess what I use to type? 😕Yeah, not fun.

You can see the small blistering that begins with each breakout.

I generally would have to wrap each finger in band-aids when they got this bad.

Products that have changed my life

Back in April, I was on Instagram and saw an ad for a product called Eczema Honey. I read the reviews and scrolled through their page. But again, I tried so many things I was skeptical about this product too.

So I messaged them. I wanted to know if it could help specifically for my type of eczema? I was desperate and willing to give another product a shot. They told me that it could.

I then purchased the cream and used it for about a month. I saw changes off and on. Not permanent, but it was definitely promising.

This pic was taken on April 18th

This pic was taken the evening on April 19th

Then I saw a YouTube video (can’t remember who it was sorry) with a girl that looked like me discussing her battle. She shared something that changed my life and I’m passing it along.

What she explained was the importance of keeping our hands as clean as possible and washing them thoroughly (yes, even through the pain). When you have this condition, the last thing you want to do is exacerbate the pain in any way – that includes washing/scrubbing/rubbing your hands.

Because of her recommendation, the second product in my regimen I now use is Shea Moisture’s eczema and psoriasis black soap. Pairing it with Eczema Honey Co’s eczema honey has

Very few or no breakouts

Today, I am extremely happy to say that my breakouts are few and far in between. I try to eat healthy-ish 😳I do still practice intermittent fasting, but it’s mostly because that’s what my body is used to now. I can go most of the day on some water and a small snack. But for the most part, one big/main meal is all I need. And I can tell that it gives my body a chance to break down everything that I consume. My hands haven’t looked this “normal” since this whole ordeal started in August of 2016.

The photos below were taken mid-October. And for the most part, this is what my hands look like on a more regular basis.

3 Quick Tips to start getting relief from your Dyshidrotic Eczema TODAY:

1. Purchase the Eczema and Psoriasis black soap by Shea Moisture.

Wash your hands with this soap at least three times a day. It comes in both bar and liquid form. I use the liquid form when I travel and pour some in a 4 oz bottle I carry in my purse for when I’m in public spaces.

You can purchase the bar soap here and the liquid body wash here.


2. Purchase some Eczema Honey and start using it immediately several times a day

When you use it, you need to spend a few minutes rubbing it into your skin. Now, if I even feel a breakout coming on, I wash my hands immediately and apply the Eczema Honey. Within 24-48 hours, there’s no sign of a breakout. Click here to purchase some.

I just updated this post to include this photo that I took today (12/14/18). You can see how clear my hands are.

3. Use these two products several times a day

Regardless of how bad it is right now, it can get better with proper hygiene and care. I’m no medical professional. But I think my before/after photos speak for themselves. When your breakouts clear up, you can reduce the number of times you use them daily. However, even when my hands are clear, I still use the products for preventative maintenance.

If you’re a sufferer, I hope and pray that my story helps you to find your own hope and relief.

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  • Megan
    March 16, 2019 at 5:41 PM

    Thank you for sharing this! I also suffer from this form of eczema and having small children at home am constantly washing my hands. My hands look very similar to yours and these are two products I have not tried. Thanks for sharing what has brought you relief!

    • Christine St.Vil
      March 18, 2019 at 7:02 PM

      Hi Megan,
      Thank you so much for sharing. I hope and pray you can get the same relief soon. Months later and my hands are still free of breakouts. In fact, this time last year, I was on a trip when my hands had one of the worst breakouts to the point of tears. I truly understand. Please keep me posted on how everything works out for you.

  • Diana
    February 27, 2020 at 8:30 AM

    I’m so glad to have found your blog! I suffer from dyshidrotic eczema and it is mentally exhausting as well as painful. I have bought so many hand creams over the years. I’m excited to try the black soap and honey. Currently the palms of my hands are cracked and peeling. Thanks for all the information. I look forward to seeing more info!

  • Autumn
    June 21, 2020 at 12:26 AM

    Thank you so so much for this!! I’ve been trying to find out what the blisters on my hands are for years and I figured out recently. I’ve been doing research trying to find out what to do and I haven’t been able to find a soap to use. I’m hoping your recommendations along with eczema cream and lotion by aveeno will help.

    • Christine St.Vil
      July 28, 2020 at 11:43 PM

      So sorry you have to deal with this, Autumn! These are the same products I still use (raw/organic coconut oil works wonders for the burn/itch as well). I hope this helps for you you like it has done for me.

  • Carl
    July 1, 2021 at 1:33 PM

    I’m so glad to have found your blog! I suffer from dyshidrotic eczema and it is very irritating as well as painful. I have bought hand creams tried different soaps and I am currently using the steroid ointment and urea cream but it does not seem to help too much. I’m excited to try the black soap and honey. Currently the palms of my hands are cracked peeling and very sensitive in some areas. Thanks for all the information. I look forward to trying the soap and eczema honey as well as seeing more info!

    • Christine St.Vil
      August 3, 2021 at 12:37 PM

      Hi Carl,
      I’m so sorry to hear that you suffer from it as well. It truly is painful and no one can understand unless they go through it. Another thing I discovered (with my husband’s help) is that raw/organic coconut oil really helps to stop the itching and pain. I never leave home without it. I also discovered that I get breakouts whenever I am in direct contact to the sun for extended periods of time. Please keep me posted on your progress.

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