Remember to Live Life to the Fullest

Remember to live life to the fullest

Today as I’m writing this, it’s September 11, a date that will probably never again be said without remembering the tragedy that took place 15 years ago.  I’m sure you remember exactly where you were and what you were doing the day it happened too.


My social media feed was full of various images vowing never to forget what happened. One of those was from BlackBizScope co-founder, and Koils by Nature founder & CEO, Pamela J. Booker. Read her touching recollection in the caption below.

15 years ago today, I was 22, fresh out of the US Army, working for the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon! 15 years ago today, I made it to work ON TIME, picked up a USA Today with Whitney Houston on the cover & a fruit cup. 15 years ago today, I watched the terror attack on NYC from my office. 15 years ago today, I had to evacuated to the Mall & River entrance of the Pentagon just to be told a 747 hit the building & another plane was 15 minutes out and to take cover! I never in my life felt such fear and terror! 15 years ago today, I saw the destruction & the smell of death as I walked home to Glebe Rd, Arlington, VA. 15 years ago today, I fell to my knees in tears thank God for sparing my life & asking Him to comfort the families who’d lost loved ones during the nations most tragic moments. 15 years ago today, I came home to my son (6 yrs old at the time), his dad, my sister Charisse & a turkey sandwich! 15 years ago today, learned to love life & live it to the fullest & appreciate all the blessings the Lord gives to you, because tomorrow is NOT promised. 15 years ago today, I survived Pentagon on Sept 11, 2001! #nyc911 #Pentagon911 #neverForget #isurvived911

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What I wanted to hone in on is that she learned to LOVE life and LIVE it to the fullest. To APPRECIATE all the BLESSINGS the Lord gives. Far too many times we’re way too focused on the things that aren’t going the way we’d like in life. And unless we have quotes like “Count your blessings, not your problems” plastered on our wall, we tend to only see the bad. Or at least magnify the bad, and belittle the good.


Have you ever thought about why we don’t want to forget 9/11? It wouldn’t be completely unreasonable to want to forget such a tragic day. Yes, it’s true that history is likely to repeat itself if we don’t remember, but beyond that, why do YOU want to remember 9/11?

If it’s not to make us better in one way, shape, or form, I think I’d personally rather forget. I know I complain more than I should, yet most would describe me as an optimist. I’ve allowed myself to get into ruts, and literally do nothing but make sure my kids are fed and the dishes are done. Like really though? I don’t even want to think about how much time I’ve wasted that I can never get back when I could have LIVED instead.


If you’re not living, let this week be the start of a new chapter. And if you’re feeling like you just can’t, it’s too hard, I want to share what my pastor preached today on how you can.

In times of trouble, praise God. The more you magnify Him, the smaller your problems appear. It’s not that they magically disappear, but your focus is no longer on them but on the God who can solve them.

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