10 Signs You’re No Longer a Newbie Mom

Motherhood is a beautiful thing, it really is. And when you’re no longer a “newbie mom” on the block, it’s even better. By the time you have a second or third (or more) child, you get into a groove and a system that works for you. You’re no longer spending hours worrying or researching on WebMD about a cough or runny nose. You’re not frantically calling the doctor for every single fever, rash or case of vomit. You handle more things with ease and you walk with a little more pep in your step because you’re more confident in your capabilities as a mom.

Previously, I talked about a few things I was guilty of as a new mom in 10 Signs You’re a Newbie Mom. So it’s only fair to share some signs to know you’ve graduated from the “newbie mom” stage.

1. Unless there’s blood, you don’t flinch at the sight of your kids taking a tumble. And unless you see blood, they don’t get a bandaid.

2. You’ve mastered the art of tuning out the whines and broken record of “mommy, mom, ma”, that you no longer notice it until someone else points it out (generally when you’re on the phone).

3. Projectile puke or poop no longer phase you (unless you’re me in which case you will never be okay with the latter). You wipe up the mess, hose them down, change their clothes and keep it moving…usually with one hand.

4. You finally have a stash of diapers and diaper bags that you no longer have use for, and proudly look for new owners amongst your newbie mom friends to gift them to.

5. You’ve finally faced the fact that you no longer need those nursing tanks, bras or pajamas you’ve had lying around for “convenience”. Just say no (note to self).

6. Instead of watching your kids while they’re sleeping just to make sure they’re breathing, you’re watching them because you can’t believe they are no longer your “baby”.

7. You have no problem handling toy disagreements amongst siblings…by throwing said toy in the trash without missing a beat.

8. While you may still swoon over other moms with their newborns, you have no desire (without a shadow of a doubt) to start all over again. The mere thought of round-the-clock nursing, sleepless nights and 24-7 diaper changes frightens you.

9. The thought of going on vacation without the kids excites you much more than it terrifies you.

10. You look at anyone like they have a third eye growing from their forehead when they ask you, “So, do you want any more kids?”

What are some things you do differently as a non-newbie more, or have seen in other moms that you would add to the list? 

This post was written for BMWK.

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  • MJ
    December 12, 2014 at 12:46 PM

    I haven’t mastered all of these yet but I’ve gotten so much better at this thing called motherhood. I am enjoying the journey.
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