You Need to Stay Positive While Expecting Your Joy

Expecting your joy

Is it just me or is “everyone” pregnant all of a sudden? Lol. I’m seeing pregnancy announcements and bellies popping up all over the place. It’s funny cause before I used to get baby-fever, but now with my 4 boys, I’m more than good, and I’m simply happy for those expecting their little bundles of joy.

What keeps you going?

This made me think though on expecting other blessings in our life, and how we sometimes have to wait more than 9 months for those blessing to be realized. What keeps you going when you have no physical evidence of progression as with a pregnancy? Vision does.

Just because something isn’t visible to the naked eye, your vision that it’s actually there, actually growing and coming to life is what will carry you through. I’ve somewhat always been a “dreamer” and so seeing myself in a more progressed state has never been an issue, and I don’t think it is for most.

Vision fulfilled

What I do think is an issue for some is finding the motivation to put in the work required to see that vision fulfilled. This doesn’t mean that you know the exact steps that will get you to where you want to go, but it means you’re willing to start where you are to get things in motion.

You never know what doors will open up for you along your journey, so never let the lack of physical evidence deter you or have you believing that nothing is happening. Something’s always brewing beneath the surface and you decide whether that something is fuelling dreams or simply contempt for how your life presently may appear.

Expecting love, joy, happiness, and success to come your way is not being naive, it’s being positive. Positivity will further encourage you to take those necessary steps to keep going, despite any lack of physical progression.

What helps you stay positive when there’s a lack of evidence for what you’re expecting?

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