3 Things to Shift Your #Mommyboss Mindset When Having a “Bad” Day

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We all have them. Those days that no matter how much you try to change your mindset, you still feel like a ball of mess! Everything that could possibly go wrong does.

You see mama, this happens to the best of us moms who study and know the benefits of a positive mindset and The Law of Attraction but that doesn’t mean we won’t have these “bad” days as well. It does mean that even though we will experience these “sucky” mindsets and thoughts, we know how to turn the train wreck around and start a new path quicker instead of wallowing in that “woe is me” state of mind all day long.

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Here are a few tips that I use to stop my negative thoughts in their tracks and turn my mindset and day around and back to the Fabulous, Powerful & Abundant woman of God and #Mommyboss that I KNOW am:

  1. Take a break: Stop everything that you are doing. No matter how important or pressed for time you think you are, and just get away from it all for a moment. Go outside for some fresh air, a short walk around the block and just get quiet with yourself. In this time re-connect with your God and know that you are LOVED and that only good is flowing to you now.
  2. Let yourself rest, mindsetTake a nap: Yeah, you read that right mama. Even if you have little ones at home like I do, you can pause for an hour or so and just take a nap with your little one. Even 20 minutes of “quiet time” where you drift off into a soothing, calm state can do a world of difference to your mindset and your mood. Sometimes we are just TIRED and that may be causing us all the stress and drama we are creating for ourselves that day. Put on some soothing music, cuddle up with your little boo, close your eyes and get a few minutes of snoozing. That can be just what you need to get back to your vibrant self!
  3. Read a few pages of your favourite Personal Development/Self-Help book: That can really be the game-changer in your day and mindset. If you have no time to read or have no books available to you at the time, pop in your headphones and go on YouTube. You can find an array of motivational videos from the world’s best teachers, including some of my favourites: Les Brown, Bob Proctor, Oprah, or anything on YouAreCreators YouTube channel (their channel is AMAZING!). This time, for yourself to hear a motivational message will get you back on track with your goals, what you really want out of life and help you see that you can STILL achieve greatness even if you were having ONE “bad day”.

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When you take the time to just get out of your mind for a few moments, you will have the opportunity to see that life isn’t going as bad as you thought. You CAN control what you think and dwell on mama, so take this time to deliberately use this willpower to think of only the things you want in your life and drop the rest. Mamas especially need to so this, since we are always busy with someone else’s feelings. You need to be more conscious of how you are feeling and thinking so that you can change it if it’s not what a sexy, vibrant Mommyboss like you would want to attract into your life!

Hope this helps! You have all the power to change your mindset, which ultimately will change your LIFE!

How do you stop yourself from going down a negative spiral, turning a bad day into a bad life? How do you shift your mindset?

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  • Christine St.Vil
    April 26, 2016 at 5:46 AM

    I just had to do number 1 & 2 yesterday Rochelle lol. I will definitely have to check out that YouTube channel, thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Rochelle
      April 26, 2016 at 7:22 AM

      Yes!!! Please do! And I am so glad you enjoyed my tips Christine! xo

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