How to Pick a Healthy Eating Approach that You Will Stick to This Year

Healthy Eating Approach

It doesn’t matter how effective a healthy eating approach can be. If it doesn’t fit into your life, you won’t stick to it long enough for it to matter. We have all had those times when someone that we knew got amazing results on an eating plan. We wanted amazing results too so we gave it a try. And, we felt miserable. We didn’t get results and wondered what was wrong with us.

Every eating style is not for everybody. So rather than following the eating style that gave your best friend those amazing results, figure out which type of eating style will work for you. Then, go full force with an approach that has the best chance of giving you results because you will actually do it long enough to make a difference. Here are a few things to consider.


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Your Time

Whether or not you need to spend a lot of time in the kitchen to get results isn’t really the question. The question is how much time YOU have to dedicate to grocery shopping, menu planning, and cooking. When you figure this out, it will be easy to spot eating styles that aren’t a good fit for you based on how much time it takes to follow them.


Your Preferences

When we want results, we sometimes ignore what we like and do what we think will work. The problem with that is that as soon as we are no longer desperate for results, we start to waver. And, this usually happens long before we reach our goals. So be really frank with yourself about how you like to eat so that you can stop starting over.


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Your Goals

There’s nothing like doing everything right and not getting results. But, the challenge is that every eating approach has a goal. When we follow an eating approach that isn’t built to create the results that we want, we’re disappointed. So get clear on what you want to achieve with your eating. Then be sure to find out what the promise of any eating approach is before you start. If the promise of the program doesn’t match your goals, don’t do it.


Get Help

This is probably the most helpful thing you can do to reach your goals in the most efficient way possible. However, don’t just work with anyone without doing a little research first. The first steps are to consider your time, preferences, and goals BEFORE seeking out a professional. Knowing what you want to achieve and how you prefer to eat will help you eliminate coaches who are die-hard ambassadors for a way of eating that doesn’t match your goals or preferences. However, the right coach can help you craft a custom approach that will get you the results that you want without demanding that you spend more time than you have or ignore the way you like to eat.

That’s it. A simple and straightforward yet super effective way to pick a healthy eating style that you will actually do.



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