What You Should be Doing Right Now to Make 2018 Your Most Healthy and Fit Year Ever

Make 2018 Your Most Healthy and Fit Year

I’ll just start again after the holidays.” This is the hallmark phrase of those of us who struggle year after year to make our healthy lifestyle goals a reality. The holidays are a busy time of year for sure. But, for fly moms on the go, is there ever really a time of year that isn’t busy? No!

Learning to navigate our busy lives without pushing our health and fitness to the side is the only way to long-term success. That’s why it’s so important to pick an eating style and fitness approach that works for our lives. Something that fits even in our worst weeks.

If you are ready to stop starting again each year, here are the exact steps you want to take to make 2018 your healthiest and most fit year ever.


Decide What You Want to Achieve

Without any specific goal in mind, it is hard to know which path to take. And, it is near impossible to stay motivated. Take some time to reflect on what healthy and fit means to you. Which improvements would you like to make in your own health and fitness? Write it down. If it’s not written, it’s not real.


Assess What Worked & Didn’t Work This Year

If you made an attempt to become a healthier version of yourself this year, audit the process. What worked well? What didn’t work so well? It’s important to review our past to help us craft a reasonable path forward. But, be objective and resist the urge to beat yourself up over what didn’t get done.


Schedule your Strategy Session Now

The perfect way to set yourself up for a smart start and strong finish.


Find the Root of Your Success or Struggle

Look for the real reason why something worked or didn’t work. We tend to give ourselves too much credit for what worked and too much blame for what didn’t. When we take the emotions out of our assessment, we normally discover a pattern. Maybe the fitness routine worked because it was really convenient and we enjoyed it. Maybe the eating style didn’t work so well because it was outside of our budget or really complicated. Dig deeper than the surface so that you can leverage what you find for future success.


Decide on Your Non-Negotiables

There’s no faster way to setbacks and sabotage that not being honest about what you aren’t willing to change. If morning workouts aren’t for you, acknowledge that. If nightly dessert is a must, respect that. Now, we know that we can’t have so many non-negotiables that we have no room to achieve results. However, when we get clear about which things we absolutely don’t want to change, we can find workarounds to still get results.


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Craft a Plan & Start Now

So many of us look for the perfect plan, but the only perfect plan is the one that we create. That’s right. You can ignore the savvy ads on your social media timeline promising you the perfect plan. Armed with your goals, analysis of past performance, and your non-negotiables, you are perfectly positioned to craft a plan that is customized for you. However, we have to realize that there is a foundational process to getting results. The details are customizable but the basics apply to most everyone. Be sure that your plan makes sense and will yield results for your effort. If you aren’t sure, get help from a coach. Just be sure that work with someone who is open to helping you craft your perfect plan rather than trying to convince you to follow theirs.

That’s it. Those are the steps to making this year your healthiest and fittest year ever. Remember though, creating a plan is just the beginning. We only get results for doing the work. Now that you have your plan, go get started now. That’s right. We’re not waiting until after the holidays. Navigating a healthy lifestyle during the busy season is a practice. May as well start now.



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