My FREE Gift to You: One Ticket to the Get RADICAL Conference!

Suze Orman & Christine St.Vil A year ago, I attended an event that I had no idea would transform my life. It was the first time I went to an event like this by myself, so I was a little apprehensive as to what my overall experience would be like. But I knew that it was time for me to make a RADICAL move in my life, and was hoping this event would be what I needed to kick my butt into gear. Not only did the Get RADICAL Conference put me on the right path, but I have made some incredible friendships and partnerships along the way. Sometimes we have things we want to do, and we know what we want to do, but we don’t always know how to get it done. One of the things that Suze Orman shared last year at the conference was that the only thing keeping you from the path and the place that you want to stand in is YOU!

Over the past year, I’ve spoken to friends, colleagues and clients who are ready to take that leap of faith in their lives — whether it’s a career change, a personal change, or starting that business they’ve been dreaming about. Because I know how frustrated and overwhelmed some of you are right now (trust me, I was there!), I want to help one person take that first step…to get to Doreen Rainey’s Get RADICAL Conference…on me! I know for a fact that you won’t leave the same way you arrived. This giveaway is for ONE FREE General Registration

General Registration Includes:

  • Admission to ALL General Session Keynotes and Breakout sessions (including Doreen Rainey, Jillian Michaels, Guilianna Ranic, Farnoosh Torabi, Lisa Nichols, Angela Jia Kim & Judy Smith – the orignal Olivia Pope)
  • 30 Day Accountability Teleclass

So you might be asking: what is the big deal? What is the hype about? Why do you need to be there? Well, I could tell you all of that, but I’ll let the video do that for me! 😉

 So How Can you Win this FREE Ticket valued at $325? Very simple:

1. Comment below telling me WHY you want to attend the conference AND what it would mean to you if you got this opportunity to go.

2. Send me a tweet @MomsNCharge or write on my Facebook wall letting me know that you’ve entered for your chance to win a ticket to #GetRADICAL2013.

3. You MUST agree to my terms & conditions in the comments section: This ticket is NOT transferrable. Therefore, please only submit your entry if you are serious about attending the conference, so as not to take away an opportunity from someone else. As such, if you are not able to attend the conference for any reason, you will be required to submit payment to me via PayPal for $200 within two weeks of the conference end date.

All entries must be received no later than March 6, 2013 at 8pm EST in order to be considered. I will choose and announce the winner on March 7th so be sure to enter a valid e-mail address when commenting. 

The 5th Annual Get RADICAL Women’s Conference will be taking place March 22 – 24, 2013 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Reston, VA (Just outside of Washington, DC).

**This is not a sponsored post. Although there are affiliate links included, all opinions are of my own. As a VIP conference attendee, I was given one free ticket to bring a friend. Instead of selling that ticket, I’ve decided to gift it. because I know there are people that NEED to be there, but may not be able to afford it.**


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  • Tanya Amet
    March 1, 2013 at 10:56 PM

    To attend this conference would mean I’m taking the first steps towards building my dream, my legacy! Attending the conference would definitely give me the knowledge and the confidence to follow through with building my own business without the fear of failing!!
    To attend this conference would mean I’m taking the first steps towards building my dream, my legacy! Attending the conference would definitely give me the knowledge and the confidence to follow through with building my own business without the fear of failing!!

  • Quiana
    March 2, 2013 at 5:28 PM

    I have big dreams/goals for the future for myself and for my family. But I need the tools to help achieve these dreams/goals. To attend this conference would mean I would have to opportunity fuel my desire to do and be more. To be surrounded by women that have been able to take a dream and turn it into a reality motivates me. For me it is important to be around people of like-minds, it gives me the drive I need to take on this journey I dream of.

  • Liza B.
    March 6, 2013 at 8:48 PM

    I am a stay-at-home mom of three very young children who has been trying to weave my way out of the labyrinth of diapers, toys and sippy cups that rule my life and back into a career.

    I decided to write a book, but I am not interested in being a starving artist—no matter how good it makes me look in my club jeans (which are now my going-to-the-supermarket jeans, Chuck E. Cheese jeans, etc.). Shortly after I started writing I realized that, in order to make an income from this project, writing is just the first step. If I want it to sell I have to do a good job of marketing it, which means I need to learn how to use technology and social networking effectively, and basically understand more about the business side of things.

    I believe the Get RADICAL Conference can arm me with the tools, strategies and much needed encouragement I need to push forward and make this book (and future writing projects) a winner. Based on what I have read and seen in the video clip, the conference attracts women who are moving boldly in the direction of success. I would love to be part of that experience.

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