Motivational Monday: God is My Strength

Happy Monday! Today’s message will be somewhat short. When I thought about today’s post, I couldn’t get Charleston off my mind. Thanks to Periscope, I was able to attend/watch the live broadcast from Emanuel AME Church yesterday. It was a beautiful service and the message of leaning on God’s understanding of what is going on and not our own hit home with me. We may never know why, but if we lean on God for our strength when we are weak, we will never fall.

I think it’s so fitting that today is my baby girl’s birthday. And while there are things that I’ll need to tell her and teach her about being a little brown girl, I’m just thankful for her life. Brielle’s name means “God is my strength”. I am *Screaming* Happy Birthday to my youngest princess! 4 years ago, my life completely changed. I became a corporate dropout when I was 6 months pregnant, and then she was born 3 months later. Her name (Brielle) means “God is my strength”. There is so much I could say, but that about sums it up. I had no idea how much I needed her in my life, but He knew. She was the source of strength I needed to decide when enough was enough, and take the leap of faith to pack up my office and never look back.

brielle bday momsncharge
For the last 4 years, I’ve been able to be there for my kids in a way I wasn’t sure was ever possible. And in return, they’ve taught me what it truly means to live.

I’m beyond grateful to celebrate another birthday with this little girl who came into the world fighting. And she’s one strong, funny, sweet, pretty, smart little girl who brings so much joy to our lives. She is totally mommy’s little girl and I love it. She is a daily reminder that no matter what is going on, I have to lean on the understanding that God is my strength.

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