Stop Doubting Who You Are and Find Your Identity in Christ

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Last week I shared how I’m on a journey of finding my identity in Christ. If you missed my profound first lesson, read all about it here. Seeing as this is something I pray about, I get revelations from time to time and thought I’d share them with you here.

It’s Not About You

The second thing that I felt the Lord tell me was to stop making everything about me. Let me explain. I’m not conceded at all, like not even remotely. However, I will admit having the canning ability to think someone’s actions are directly related to me. example, if I don’t hear from a friend for an unusual amount of time, I’ll think I’ve done something and they don’t want to talk to me when perhaps they’re just really busy. And when a “hey how’s it going?” text isn’t answered, I would be convinced the issue is me, lol.

Simply Stop

If someone looked at me, I’d automatically think their observation is negative, when perhaps they might actually be thinking the total opposite, or even not thinking about me at all, just gazing in my direction, lol. Being self-critical and overly self-conscious did absolutely nothing for my self-esteem. So God simply said stop! Instead, focus on Him.

Keep it Moving

Whenever I sense that I’m getting self-critical or over analyzing a situation or someone’s comment, I force myself to stop and consciously replace those thoughts with how God sees me. I remind myself that really and truly, it ain’t that deep, it’s not that serious. If I question someone’s actions or words, I have one of two choices. Ask them directly for clarification/confirmation or decide that it’s not worth further pondering and simply let it go. (Cue Disney’s Frozen anthem, lol). Keep it moving as they say.

I will attribute some of this growth to maturity. There is definitely truth to “older and wiser”, although at 35 I’ve still got ways to go and much to learn. But prayer has also played a part because I know adults older than me whose insecurities pop in their words and actions.

Who You Truly Are

The reason I share this is because if you’ve ever found yourself doubting yourself, or more importantly, your worth. I want to remind you that nothing or no one outside of you and Christ should have permission to make you feel less than what and who you are. And what you are dear, is fearfully and wonderfully made (Ps 139:14) and more precious than rubies (Prov 3:15).

Stay Blessed!

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