What About Your Friends? The Importance of Maintaining Friendships


I’m sure many of you like me, tuned in every week to watch The Fresh Prince of Bel Air back when it was on the air (non-syndicated). And also like me, seeing the cast all together never fails to put a smile on your face as it reminds you of the many laughs the show brought us. Well the latest time the Fresh Prince cast got together was captured on “Carlton’s” aka Alfonso Ribeiro’s Instagram. It was a joy to see, but sadly also a reminder that Uncle Phil, aka James Avery, is no longer with us. What stood out to me though is that nearly 17 years since the show’s premier and almost 11 years to the day (March 21, 1996) since the series finale was taped, the cast still make it a point to not only stay in touch but also get together.

Always amazing to spend an afternoon with my Fresh Prince family. Wishing that James Avery was still with us to make this complete.

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Maintaining Friendships

The power in forming and maintaining relationships is invaluable. Friends simply don’t grow on trees, and in Hollywood, I’m sure genuine friendships don’t come easily. Whether in Hollywood or not though, relationships of any kind require nurturing. I know this from experience. One too many friendships of mine have succumbed because of being “too busy” and distance making it harder to meet up. I know, it’s all excuses though. At the end of the day people make time for the things and people that matter.

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The thing about maintaining friendships also involves not only reaching out when you need something. That’s when you know the connection isn’t genuine at all, but only out of convenience. Granted, there are certain relationships, that now matter how long you go without speaking, you manage to pick up where you left off as though it was only yesterday. But those connections are even rarer than finding good friends. You never want to assume that a friendship is strong enough to be neglected.

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Friendships After Kids

When you have kids, they naturally take up a lot of your time. Not all your friends may have kids, where play dates become a great option to get together. It’s still definitely possible to schedule in time, just like you do date nights. Girls night out and guys night out can be scheduled.  Parenthood.com had this interesting article discussing if Friendships can survive Parenthood. I say yes. The “Banks” family that manage to meet up from time to time, all have children of their own. Every single one of them. If they can do it, so can we. Make time for your friends.

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