4 Steps of Progress and Growth

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2016 came in like a whirlwind and I quickly realized I had to do things differently. I took 4 simple steps that were critical to my progress and growth and maturity as a woman, wife, mother, and as an entrepreneur. Even though these steps started out as baby steps and were not always easy, those steps were still some form of movement toward success. I had to make a mental shift to be consistent and persistent as I kept my goals in mind.
  1. PRAY – It’s that simple. I had to pray. Once I began to pray first, the stress level decreased tremendously and I was able to see clearly the tasks before me.
  2. FOCUS – I had to get focused and not sidetracked by what others thought or what other people were doing. Focusing on a holistic me, helped me to say “NO” to things that were distractions and to say “YES” to things that would turn my life in the right direction to begin my journey to walking in my purpose.
  3. GRIND – What do I mean by grind? I mean putting in the hard work and time needed to grow. Plain and simple!  I began attending educational events that helped me gain the information I needed to grow as an entrepreneur. I also began spending money on classes to help me become a better me. Not only that, I connected with like-minded, purpose-driven people and asked someone to mentor me. That was the best decision I ever made. She pushes me beyond my mental capacity which causes me to grind. Because of my grind, I now have results!
  4. REPEAT – I know you are probably thinking, “Well, that’s dumb”. On the contrary, repeating these steps is crucial for continual growth. If I stopped at the grind, I can go no further than that place. Repeating these steps causes us to go to the next level, the next business deal, the next phase in our life. Growth is a continual process.
If we get stuck in only one phase of this process, there will be no change. Imagine being stuck in either the prayer phase, the focus phase or the grind phase. This creates an imbalance in the flow of progress and growth.
So, as we face the next 8 months of 2016, what steps are you taking to improve your life?

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