Day 4 – Phone a Friend: 31 Day #FLYMomChallenge

Hey there FLY moms! We are movning right along into Day 4 of our #FLYMomChallenge! I hope you were able to sneak in some naptime with the little ones yesterday! I got in a good one and felt so refreshed!

Today’s challenge is to simply pick up the phone and call your girlfriend. If you’re anything like me, you have great friends that you don’t get to talk to nearly as much as you would like to. Life is busy. You have kids, they have kids. There’s birthday parties and soccer practice. There’s traveling and there’s playing phone tag. Whatever has been keeping you from connecting, make it a point to reach out today. Let her know you’re doing this 31 Day challenge and invite her to join you. There’s nothing like catching up with a good girlfriend and picking up right where you left off!

So who will you be calling today?

Day 4 FLY Mom Challenge

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