Day 3 – Take a Nap: 31 Day #FLYMomChallenge

How are you feeling about your self-care 3 days into 2014? It’s Day 3 of the 31 Day FLY Mom challenge as we countdown to the Dare to FLY workshop on January 25th. The #FLYMomChallenge is all about YOU! Your physical and mental health is so important in your overall self-care. You can’t continue to take care of others if you’re running yourself into the ground. So make every effort to take just 31 minutes (or as Fab Haute Mama pointed out: it’s only 31 out of the 1440 minutes you get daily) out of your day to focus on you. You deserve it!

So how did you do with your vision boards yesterday? Hopefully, you had a little fun with it! Check out a snippet of mine that I posted to IG & FB. I know that a lot of my successes (both personally and professionally) were due in large part because I took time last year to write down what I wanted to do/accomplish.

MomsNCharge FLY mom challenge

Today is going to be a hard challenge, I know. But please do me a favor and just don’t think about it. You and I both know you need a nap, so please just take it! The clothes will still need to be put away, the dishwasher will still need to be emptied, but at least you will feel a little more refreshed doing it. I know mine will probably be closer to 61 minutes. It’s definitely needed. So enjoy your nap today, and I’ll see you tomorrow for Day #4!

Day 3 FLY Mom Challenge

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