Day 13 – Eat in Peace: 31 Day FLY Mom Challenge

I just love new beginnings! And today marks the beginning of a new week! So don’t fret about what you didn’t get done last week during our 31 Day FLY Mom challenge (preaching to the choir here)! Starting today, we can renew our commitment to carving at least 31 minutes out each day to focus on ourselves. Are you with me???

Today’s challenge probably seems like a joke to a lot of moms, especially to new moms. What exactly does it even mean to eat in peace? Is it still possible after you have kids? It may be a little difficult, but it’s definitely not impossible. And sometimes, you are the reason why you don’t eat in peace. For today, make a commitment to put your phone and laptop away to enjoy a meal without distraction.

What meal will you enjoy in peace and quiet today?


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