How To Bounce Back From Disappointment

Bounce Back From Disappointment

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. This is true in more than just sports – it’s true for every aspect of life. And we’ve all been there, right? We can point to frustrating, even agonizing seasons in our lives when ultimately we were forced to admit nothing was going according to plan. We wonder, will I ever bounce back?

From Little Things . . . To BIG Things

These “Oh no!” moments can range from something as simple as the barista at the coffee shop getting your drink order completely wrong, to something as monumental as not receiving the promotion or raise you rightfully deserve.

Big things can also include not making the score you needed on your GRE. Or, being turned down for a loan, thus delaying your home-buying or car-buying plans.

It can also include taking yet another pregnancy test and trying to keep the tears at bay when the result is negative. Again.

Destined To Be Doomed?

I’ve certainly had my fill of heart-wrenching experiences so profoundly disappointing, I almost believed my life was cursed. Or, as one of my girlfriends half-jokingly put it when she was dumped by her boyfriend of three years, “I’m destined to be doomed!”

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How To Bounce Back

Regardless of the sometimes disappointing outcomes we experience in our career pursuits, life, and love, we can rest assured we don’t have to stay down. We can bounce back.

I believe the key to bouncing back rests on whether we understand, believe and apply these three factors of mindset:

I’m the only one who can control my reactions. To quote popular religious author Charles R. Swindoll, “Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it.” No, maybe you can’t control the fact that you went through a breakup instead of the engagement you expected. What you can control is your decision to allow yourself to heal emotionally.  Once healed, you can move forward to meet the man who recognizes your worth and value.

I must remember whatever I’m dealing with is only temporary. Yes, we will encounter setbacks. However, as we reflect, reevaluate, plan and implement new strategies, we move our lives forward.

I can’t live a positive life with a negative mind. The wisdom writer in the book of Proverbs reminds us “as a man thinks, so he is.” Maintaining a positive outlook is a choice, and it’s an extremely important one. A mind filled with negativity will only see shortages, lack, and failure. Instead, center your mind on what can be and what will be. When you do, you’re simultaneously training yourself to see – and act on – possibilities.

All In Good Time

Disappointments and setbacks happen to the best of us. When we go through these trying times, by staying focused and keeping our mindset on point, we’ll bounce back in no time!

How have you bounced back from a challenge you were faced with?

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