Finally! Julia Turns the Light ON for Autism on Sesame Street

Autism Awareness

Finally! Julia turns the light on for Autism in April. Many Autism mommies watched in anticipation Sunday, March 19th, as CBS’s 60 minutes introduce the world to “Sesame Street’s” Julia, the first Muppet character living with Autism.

Au-mazing Gift

As a mom to my own “au-mazing” gift Zachary, who was diagnosed with being on the Autism Spectrum around the age of 3. Having over 20 years assisting, training and educating families with children living with Autism and other special needs in communication. And best-selling author of “Au-mazing Gift: A Journey to Acceptance”, I had an overwhelming feeling of gratitude for this groundbreaking step towards global inclusion.

I was in complete delight and “au-maze” as I saw a preview of the episode. The other muppets joining her and creating a game out of something that may previously have been perceived to others as “weird.” They also put a highlight on “differences” and things in common or “shared interests” with Julia and Abby Cadabby, another female puppet.

Tears of joy streamed down my face as I imagined how beautiful the world would be if we all really started including and understanding the cool and very special differences that make individuals with Autism so “au-mazing.” The addition of Julia opens up dialogue for more about the Autism spectrum in a positive and inclusive light for younger ages in all homes.

3 Reasons why I believe Julia is turning the light on for Autism are:

1. She gets to show other kids that the cool and quirky things that she does are okay. Our kids get to see it being done and accepted on television. Other kids get to learn and increase comfort with the “quirky”.

2. She will also help our kids to learn how to communicate with each other. Julia and her Sesame Street pals will model different ways and different settings how to engage and connect with Autism. Other kids will imitate what they see on Sesame Street because they have been doing it for years, myself included.

3. Julia will help to show the world more about compassion and will finally create a deeper connection with children of all ages around the world. The mere fact that Julia is present with others whether she is engaging or not, begins to open the hearts of those that are watching. I mean who does not love a Sesame Street character. I know my household does and have for decades.

Autism Acceptance

As I continue to amplify my stance and movement of shifting the world by Autism Motivation. By providing resources and igniting accountability. By educating parents and families with powerful and applicable communication strategies in my new virtual video training series in Autism Acceptance, I’m excited and overjoyed to see a brighter future for our future generations towards increasing and spreading more understanding and inclusion.

I realized that Julia gets to do what I wished was done decades ago. But still grateful to be living during her debut. So yes, finally we will be including Autism in dinnertime conversations in many homes.

What challenges would you like Sesame Street and me to focus on as Autism interests to share with the world?

Share your thoughts on this post below or join us in our “Accept Autism Fest” Facebook support group.

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