Easily help foster change this International Women’s Day

Women for a cause, International Women's Day

International Women’s Day is today and all over the world women will be celebrated for the many things they do, the many things WE do. The day has gotten more recognized over the years, but can you believe that it’s been around since 1911?! As sad as it is that women are still fighting for equality in 2017, I appreciate the fact that we’re still fighting. Days like today unites us in a way that transcends race and culture. Even though our struggles vary, we can relate. Head over to Vogue.com for more on the history of International Women’s Day.


Supporting one another can be done in many ways and Tinder is helping us do just that by donating $100 for any tweets to them with the hashtag #FundHerCause naming a charity or cause pertaining to women’s rights. The donation won’t go to the named charity or cause but to one of the 12 pre-selected charities listed below. The way it works is that once you tweet @Tinder, you’ll get a code which you redeem at www.tinder.fund and then choose which one of the 12 charities you want the $100 donation to go to. A maximum of $250,000 will be donated and the site opens up at 9 am. So get to tweeting for a good cause!

These are the 12 chosen charities to which you can Tinder will make a donation on your behalf for:

Grameen America
Women for Women International 
UN Women
She Lift
She’s the First
Girls Who Code
Planned Parenthood
Partners in Health 
Becky’s Fund
Girls Not Brides

A Day Without A Woman

Also happening in the U.S. today is the “A Day Without A Woman” movement. The day aims to show the big and vital part that women play in everyday life, particularly in the economy. As I’m sure you know, a majority of women make the household spending decisions. Watch the video below for more details.

Regardless of how you chose to observe International Women’s Day, know that YOU are powerful. May not have it all together, but together we can have it all. Let’s be our sister’s keeper and support each other, regardless of creed or color.

Stay blessed!

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