3 Things To Evaluate So That Positivity Can Flourish In Your Life

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Spring is fast approaching! I love that it is finally warming up a bit! With a new season, spring flowers and all, it’s a good time and opportunity to evaluate what you want to spring forth in your life. It is time to clean the clutter of winter and get ready for a new season! With this new season, I wanted to talk about doing some self-evaluation so that you can better prepare and position yourself to see what it is you want to come to fruition in your life.

We can become so focused on addressing the outside that we fail to realize that every once in a while we need to focus on self. Sometimes we have to evaluate situations and even people around us. Is this situation best for me? Am I making the right decisions for myself? What about your circle of friends and family? Is my circle filled with loving and positive people? These are questions that we have to ask ourselves. So I have three tips to help you jump start your self-evaluation.

1. Evaluate Your Words.
Pay attention to what you say. That includes what you say to yourself! Have you spoken negatively of yourself and not even realized that you were? “I am not that successful” or “I don’t think I can lose that extra 10 lbs.” I realized that every time I said anything negative to myself, I began to feel down and not able to get things done. I now speak something positive daily! Pay attention to your words.

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2. Evaluate Your Circle.
Who is a part of your circle? Are you surrounded by solid people that truly love you and have your best interest at heart? If you have that family or friend that never wishes you well, always has a negative comment to say about your life then it is time to decide if you want to continue a relationship with them. It can be hard because with family there is loyalty there but if your own family cause more pain than support, it’s time to love them from afar. Pray for them and decide that you don’t want to keep that energy in your life. Same goes for a friend. If your friend can’t cheer you on when you succeed, tell you the truth in love or doesn’t wish you the best, then it is time to change the size of your circle.

3. Evaluate Your Priorities.
Now that we got rid of the negative people. You have the ones who love you and wish you well and want to see you happy. But with that, those who love us do not realize that they have their own issues that can really weigh on your spirit. You constantly have to help them pay their bills or have to hear them speak negatively about their own life. Hearing about them never making ends meet or how they wish they can have what you have. That can cause you to carry the load of wanting to help them to where you struggle a bit yourself. You feel responsible for not only yourself but them as well. It’s time to sit them down and have a talk. You can always help them, but let them know that you will have to cut back because of your priorities. Being completely upfront and honest is always the best course of action.

I pray that these three tips help you with your self-evaluation. Always remember to never forget to take care of you and your well being, and your new season will surely flourish!

What are some ways and areas in your life that you evaluate or want to evaluate? 

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