14 Ways I Promise to Love Myself in 2014

8. Commit to fitness goals

Up until a few years ago, I’ve never had to really work to be fit. Thanks to genetics and being raised in the performing arts, I was never battling the body image issue. And while I’ve come a long way, I’m realizing that the older I get, the harder I’ll have to work in order to get, and stay fit. So I’m committed to losing my last 10 pounds and keeping it off through healthy eating and exercise.

9. Drink more water

While I don’t drink a lot of juice and rarely drink soda (both of which we ever hardly buy in our household), I also don’t drink enough water. Part of reaching my fitness goals include increasing my water intake so I can reap the many health benefits that come with it.

10. Guard my space

I’ve learned over the years that not everyone who comes into your life, comes with good intention. Some wear the mask of deception and have no intention of looking out for your best interests. While I like to believe the best in everyone, I promise to be more in tune with my spirit of discernment and ask for guidance when things seem a little cloudy.

11. Declutter

There is more to life than just decluttering your physical space. Your mental space is the most important thing that needs constant decluttering – from other people and from what we’ve allowed to enter into our space. I’m looking forward to clearing out the junk & making more room for the blessings and abundance.

12. Reward myself

It’s easy to want to rush right through to the next goal while accomplishing the next without taking time to celebrate the one you’ve already accomplished. I’m going to take more time to celebrate me this year and not wait to just reflect on successes later.

13. Spend more time alone.

While I’ve managed to take better care of myself, 2014 will be a year that I really take some time to really date myself. I plan to spend a couple of days at a time each quarter to just reflect and enjoy – no work, family or outside pressures or obligations.

14. Ebrace my flaws.

I promise to love myself unconditionally and accept myself for who I am. I look forward to standing in my greatness and accepting the things I cannot change, but instead make me the person God intended me to be.

The more I take time to love myself, the happier a person, wife and mother I become. I know that 2014 is going to be an amazing year because I’m making sure that it starts with me. I’m making sure that I love myself first so that everything else can fall into line.

How do you pour love into yourself on a regular basis?

14 ways I love myself

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