Day 14 – Try Some Yoga: 31 Day FLY Mom Challenge

I don’t know about you, but this 31 Day FLY Mom Challenge is definitely helping me not only make myself a priority, but also helping me to try new things. Sometimes we get so stuck in auto-pilot and doing things that we’re so comfortable with, that we forget there is so much more that we are missing out on. Or, there are things we don’t even realize we don’t do on a regular basis…like eat in peace. It felt so good yesterday to not be distracted or concerned with anything other than the food on my plate yesterday.

Today is all about breathing, meditation and relaxation. When is the last time you did all three (hopefully, not that long ago)? Motherhood can be very demanding, overwhelming and sometimes stressful. So taking time out to release that negative energy on a regular basis is important. If you don’t have any yoga DVD’s, check out some on YouTube or simply, just take 31 min to close your eyes and be still. Today, I’m going to dust off my Tia Mowry’s Complete Calm & Core Yoga Series with Tara Stiles DVD.

Do you do any form of yoga or breathing exercises on a regular basis?


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