Motivational Monday: You Deserve It + @AskDrRenee

This motivational Monday post is going to be simple and short: You deserve it so DO IT! Do what you ask? Whatever it is that you’ve been holding off on doing. That thing that’s been pulling at your heart string. That thing that you feel like is only attainable for certain people. That thing that you constantly think about.

I firmly believe that we were all created for greatness, and that we all deserve and are capable of having abundance in this life here on earth. I also believe that we shouldn’t shy away from or apologize for it.

I shared a post on here before about tips to achieve any goal: part of believing in yourself is believing that you deserve it. You deserve to have the level of success that you dream about. You deserve to have the opportunities come to you that you never even imagined. But you have to take action. You have to go out and do it. Do those things that will get you to where you want to be.

And while you’re at it, check out my friend, Dr. Renee’s show, Ask Dr. Renee, where every week she inspires people around the world to live the life they want to create for themselves. I had the honor and pleasure of being a guest on her show last week!

AskDrRenee Show - Christine St.Vil

In this interview, I chat with Dr. Renee about my journey from losing my identity to motherhood, to finding myself and my purpose. You can find out more about Dr. Renee and her show by visiting her site:

How do you stay encouraged/motivated to believe that you deserve the life you want to live?

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