5 Powerful Tips to Help You Achieve Any Goal

If you follow me on social media (let me make it easy for you if you don’t: FacebookTwitterInstagram), you know by now that I’m an instructor for the newly branded Steve Harvey RADICAL Success Institute! Like…THE Steve Harvey! As I mentioned before, I teach Blogging 101 and Social Media 101 for RSI. And this summer Doreen Rainey announced her partnership with Steve Harvey, which you can read more about here.

When I think about all of the goals I’ve achieved this year alone, I often reflect on how I got here. How have I acquired numerous speaking engagements when just last year, I had never officially spoken at any conference? How have I been able to work with great brands and create new products and services that I had no clue about at the beginning of the year?

Here are 5 powerful tips to help you achieve any goal you set for yourself that I’ve been able to use for myself.

1. Try something new. 

It’s as simple as that. In my new book, I talk about the definition of insanity. When things aren’t going the way you plan, often times it’s just a matter of taking a step back to see if you need to approach it from a different angle. When was the last time you tried something new (in life or business)?
For me personally, it was signing up to teach not one, but two online courses on material I had never even formally compiled together. Had I passed on the opportunity simply because it was “new” or out of my comfort zone, I would seriously be kicking myself right now.

2. Let go.

Let go of what other people think. Let go of your own self-sabotaging beliefs. Let go of fear of the unknown. Let go of trying to have all of the answers all of the time. Let go of false expectations.
It was hard to let go of feeling like I didn’t know enough to put together 20 weeks worth of content for two different courses. Not only did “letting go” afford me the opportunity to be one of the instructors in the new Steve Harvey RSI, but it opened my eyes to new opportunities in teaching.

3. Do You.

People are attracted to you, not who you think they want you to be; not who you may pretend to be. You are enough. Don’t allow other people’s perceptions of you prevent you from being your authentic self.

4. Believe in yourself.

You can take all of the personal development courses, read all of the self-help books, follow all of the webinars and telesummits all day long. But if you don’t believe in yourself, and believe in your own mission, you can’t expect anyone else to.

“You can’t be unstoppable if you’re always stopping to please everyone else. Get unstuck, unstoppable and unapologetic!”

This has been my personal mantra this year. I almost gave up an amazing opportunity because I had mixed up other people’s beliefs (and lack of support) with my own beliefs.
When you make the choice to get out of your own way by trying something new, letting go of self-sabotaging beliefs, and commit to doing what you are being called to do, that right there is a recipe to achieving any goal you set for yourself.

5. From Steve Harvey himself: You have to JUMP!

Need more guidance and accountability to achieve some of your KILLER Goals before the end of 2014? Click here to get more info.

Comment below: When is the last time you allowed yourself to soar?

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