My Biggest Takeaways from Black Girls Rock

Black Girls Rock #BlackGirlsRock

Every year, I make it a must to tune into BET’s special broadcast of Black Girls Rock for many reasons. For one, I am a black girl (woman of course) myself. Secondly, the energy, vibe and altogether magnificence of the entire show’s message is one I truly look forward to! And this year was no different!

Although I believe ALL girls rock, no matter the colour of her skin, this event signifies and brings awareness to showcase and celebrate the richness of knowledge, culture and beauty of African American women from around the world! I love the way it depicts us on a variety of levels, showing how unique each of us are, but how special and whole we as a race of women are.

Last night there were countless of speeches from the night’s award winners that almost had me in tears, but the three that stood out to me were these:

Shonda Rhimes spoke about how beautiful we as black girls are, how we were created to fulfill our unique purposes and change the world, and that we are the present change, she and those before her are now the “past”:


“You have a right to the universe. You were given that right simply by being born. Change the world and when you’ve done that, change it again” – Shonda


She also brought one of her daughters in, which she mentioned in her speech that she wants her to see the high energy, how beautiful and overwhelmingly amazing we are as black women and that she is apart of that.

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Rihanna was another winner that night that truly had an amazing speech. We all know how ground-breaking, no care for what others think type of girl she is and she was truly celebrated for paving the way of Black girls owning their own uniqueness and beauty:


“The minute you learn to love yourself you won’t want to be anyone else. Be yourself, its the easiest thing to be” – Rihanna


Then there was the creator and founder of #BlackGirlsRock, Mrs. Beverly Bond, who in my honest opinion, was the most inspirational during her speech, with many takeaways for all women! She is so wise and magnificent in her own way and she truly started a much needed movement in the black community:


“Own your magic, walk in your purpose, and rock your truth. Why do I have to get permission from you to affirm me? I started Black Girls Rock because I love us and I believe in us… I want us to walk righteous in our spirit.” – Beverly


Truly, there were many more inspirational ladies and speeches that were given but these were my top takeaways that I thought to share with you all! We are QUEENS in our own right, and we have just as much power and influence in the world as any other man or race. So to end this off, I want to invite every mama, no matter your race, to use yours!

If you watched, what were some of your takeaways from the show?

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