How to Successfully Juggle Your Family and Career

Juggling career and family like a boss

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There are more and more moms out there who are managing successful careers while having a family, but that doesn’t mean it’s getting easier. Being able to do a good job at home and at the office requires balance, and there will be some days when you’ll feel like you’re failing in both areas of your life. Having both a career and a family requires some careful planning and skill, and below you’ll find some great advice on how to juggle both so that you really can have it all.

Don’t let guilt slow you down

Many mothers feel guilty about going to work believing their sole focus should be their children. It’s important to shake-off that mindset as it could be holding you back. Instead, focus on how you being at work is a positive thing for your family. You need to provide for your children so rather than feeling guilty about being at work, think about the positives that you’re achieving through working, like being a good role model, saving to get them through college or a dream family vacation, and showing that you’re your own person too. It won’t always be easy, so having a good support network can help you unload on the days where the pressure becomes a bit too much.

Become a master at scheduling

Some of the best secrets to juggling a career and motherhood involve planning and organization. Learning from other organized moms can help you learn tips on saving time and multitasking, and being able to plan for the week ahead can help make things easier on the whole family. A family calendar or wall planner is a great way to stay on top of everything that’s coming up and can help you work out any crunch points in advance. Apply the organizational skills you’ve learned through your career to your home life, and you’ll soon become efficient at both.

Come to an agreement with your employer

Your work life will be different when you’ve got a family, and it’s important that you and your employer discuss how to make that work for both of you. If you’re going to need more flexible work hours or a change in conditions, then you should agree on this with your employer. It’s worth getting advice from other parents at your workplace about their working terms to help you work out what to say and what’s reasonable to ask for. Talking to an HR representative could help you find out what your rights are and help you come to the best solution for you and your employer.

Consider a career change

If you find that your job is too difficult to balance around your family life, you might want to consider a change in career. Careers that offer good vacation packages, flexible working hours and other benefits are worth considering to help you balance your work and family life better. Perhaps, like our very own Mom-in-Charge Christine, the switch to entrepreneurship could be the right solution. If entrepreneurship isn’t quite your thing, then a career in education is one that is ideal for families looking to find a better balance, with several options available other than teaching. Take a look at some accredited school counseling graduate programs as one way you could change your career, with hours that are ideal for working around your family. Changing your career is a big step, but it’s one worth considering if it helps you achieve a better work/life balance.

Balancing a career and family will always be a challenge, but there are ways you can make it work for you. Between your family and career, it’s important that you make time for yourself, to help you recharge and enjoy some chill-out time. Working and being a mom may come with its challenges, but taking each day at a time will help make it work for you.


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