Small Business and Coronavirus: 4 Easy Tips for Entrepreneurs to Think Outside of the Box

small business and coronavirus

So much is happening in the news and with the coronavirus, people are being forced indoors.  And as I mentioned in my post yesterday, so many changes happening including parents being forced into homeschooling.

But today I wanted to focus on the entrepreneurs who are walking on eggshells right now when it comes to their small business and coronavirus. While the work from home life may not be new to a lot of us, the fear of the unknown for our businesses may have started to seep in a bit. For us as small business owners and content creators, it is important we make a critical mind shift to begin to think about how all of this time indoors can be flipped into a positive – a ripe opportunity for us to connect with our clients in new, exciting and value-added ways.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. 💻 Host a webinar.

Run a coaching or personal development business? Compliant with all “social distancing” guidelines, a webinar is a great way to get a bunch of people together to educate or inform them on a topic in your area of expertise. Promote the webinar on all of your social channels and give your followers helpful information they can use to grow their businesses, acquire a new skill or make money.  In these trying times, it’s a great opportunity to show your followers you’ve always got their back!

2. 📱 Go virtual.

Own a retail store? Host a virtual fashion show or online “QVC-style” shopping experience.  While customers may not be inclined to physically come into your store, you can enhance your online shopping experience by showing people how they can wear your fashions AND let them shop from the comfort of their homes.

Sell homes for a living?  Instead of Open Houses, do a virtual tour on Instagram or Facebook Live.  Walkthrough the home and point out all of the exquisite details so you can find just the right buyer!

3. 💜 Do good.

Support some of the amazing charitable organizations that are doing remarkable work on the ground in support of individuals who have been affected or who are working to prevent the spread of this illness.   Let your customers know you are donating a portion of the sales from your business to this worthy cause for the next couple of months.

Or, how about a giveaway?  Unfortunately, as businesses are forced to close or other businesses are having to shift their business models to stay profitable, people may be in need of assistance.  If you are positioned to do so, it could be a nice time to do a giveaway that is geared towards lessening the financial strain on others. Stay tuned to a giveaway I’m partnering to do soon.

4. 🌟 Be a beacon of light.

There is so much negativity and fear-mongering going on, many people are just looking for a bit of light amongst all of this doom and gloom.  Keep spreading positivity with your content. Reassure people and let them know if they are taking the recommended precautions, we are going to be alright.  This too shall pass!!

I challenge you as thought leaders and experts in your industry to find ways to be impactful in a positive way during these trying times.  Increased time indoors means more time folks will be on social media and perusing the internet. We all just have to get creative about how we can still offer value to our customers.

You know this community is a place where we share ideas and tips to help one another grow our followings and our brands online.  I’d love to hear how each of you take this challenge and run with it over this week. Use #ChallengeWeek, and share ideas and strategies in the group that you plan to use to keep your business pumping and your followers engaged over this next month.

Oh, and I’ve got something special for the most out-of-the-box thinker in the group.😉🎁It’s time to embrace small business and coronavirus in the same sentence. We can thrive in the midst of chaos. Are you up for the challenge? Happy sharing!


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