13 Ways I Promise to Love My Husband in 2013

As I started writing down my goals and aspirations that I wanted to focus on in the new year, I started reflecting on how I can become a better person — a better wife, mother, daughter, sister & friend. Naturally, my first priority was figuring out new/better ways to show my husband some love. So I started writing and came up with this list.

1. Choose not to react

I admit it. I have a short temper. If I feel like I’m being attacked, I usually react in a defensive manner. I’ve come a LONG way from when my husband and I first started dating in 1999. But Lord knows I still have a ways to go.  I promise to take a deep breath and listen to what he has to say before I respond…and be sure to practice replacing disapproval with love.

3. Pay closer attention to his wants

My husband doesn’t ask for a lot, doesn’t need a lot, or want a lot. Sometimes he casually mentions things here and there that he wants to do and a lot of times, they fall by the wayside due to lack of time, energy, etc. I promise to make it a point to make sure that his wants become a priority in being fulfilled.

5. Apologize more

“There is no love without forgiveness and there is no forgiveness without love” – Bryant H. McGill. My husband is usually always the first to apologize when we have a disagreement. But I’m learning to appreciate the fact that we will always have our differences, and that he deserves the “I’m sorry” just as much as I do. I promise to not only apologize more, but to apologize more lovingly.

9. Act like his wife…not his mom

Yes I tend to nag sometimes…occasionally…ok, sometimes a lot. Half of the time I don’t even realize I’m doing it, and I immediately just have to shut myself up. Sometimes he doesn’t wash clothes the way I do, or dress the kids like I want. But I promise to shut up more and nag less.

Check out the rest of my love promises on Black and Married With Kids.

What are some other ways that you love your spouse that you can add to this list?

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