Motivational Monday: Serve And You Will be Served

In this world of new technology and social media, it’s so easy to get caught up on focusing on the things you want. When you’re a budding entrepreneur, or you’re looking to grow your career in the corporate world, it’s easy to focus soley on how you can get what you want. But when was the last time you focused your efforts on how you can serve?

Are you the type of person that is “too good” to roll up your sleeves and volunteer at a conference, or do you go the extra mile to see how you can be of service to others? When I think about the many amazing opportunities I’ve had over the last few years since starting this blog, one motto comes to mind: serve and you will be served. That means that I focus more on how I can deliver value, than how I can get the next opportunity or connect with the person who can give me the opportunity.

While I love to teach, and have created my own e-courses, and teach live courses, I’m a student first. I love to learn from others who are doing what I want to do, or are where I’m working to get to. When I spoke at Steve Harvey’s Act Like a Success Conference earlier this year, I also saw it as an opportunity to learn. So not only did I teach a breakout session that led to many more opportunities, but I also volunteered to work behind the scenes. I worked with Doreen Rainey and her amazing team to serve those that came to the conference because I knew there were things that I could learn.

And one secret she and many other successful people have shared with me: look for opportunities like conferences to offer your services for free. What I’ve gotten ever time pays for itself. When you take time to invest in yourself, the results will speak for themselves. Because of my interaction with other volunteers and attendees at the ALAS Conference, that led to my connection with being a Blogger Ambassador for the Ubiquitous Hair & Health Trade Show that took place this past weekend in DC. They saw me being of service, then saw me in action during my breakout session, and this led to a wonderfully awesome paid opportunity (that I would’ve done for free because it was so much fun).

So ask yourself: have you been focused on serving or being served? If it’s the latter, try and brainstorm ways that you can focus on how to change that. When you do this one thing, you’ll see that serving others, will allow opportunities to arise and doors to open for you to be served as well. This is one secret to success that you can’t afford not to know.

How do you focus on serving others?


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