PART 2: Real Moms, Real Talk: Sheree Adams of Smart & Sassy Mom

Hello there and welcome back to the second part of my interview with the lovely Smart & Sassy Mom, Sheree Adams. We’ll just go ahead and get right into it. 🙂

C: I love that you have “30 min meals” on your site, which is something that moms struggle with daily.  What are your top 5 meals to make? 

SHEREE: Thank you. Hmmmm…That’s a hard one. Because I actually like to cook, a lot of the things I do take longer than 30 minutes. Yet, our lives are so busy, that’s all I really have time for. Nothing fancy, but my top five would be TurkeyTaco/Nachos/Burritos (We love Mexican food), Baked chicken with rice and broccoli, Honey Soy Salmon also with rice and broccoli, Baked Turkey Chops with Veggie Medley and a salad and my famous Turkey Spaghetti….Its quite awesome! We don’t do a lot of red meat, mainly poultry and fish.

C: [mouth watering] Those sound yummydelicious (yup, one word)! Thank you! I’m always looking for great recipes that I can modify without losing too much of the essence of the meal since my husband became a vegan this year. 

So what would you say is your favorite thing to do when you have some downtime?

SHEREE: I’m sorry…downtime? What’s that? I would have to say date night with my hubby. He travels a lot and I’m always looking forward to quality time with him. Be it dinner and movie or just snuggling and vegging out with him.

C: Ha! Ha! I had a feeling you would say that! Yes, sometimes we just have to create downtime where it doesn’t exist. 🙂 Date nights are always fun in my book too because we don’t get them as frequently as we would like.

So this next question came to me because I often look at my kids and think, “Wow, I’m really a mom! When did this happen?!” What advice about motherhood would you give to your younger self?

SHEREE: [Laughing] We don’t have all day and night, because I have LOTS to say. The most important things I would say is make sure you’ve “been there and done that” before starting a family. Its okay to make mistakes…your parents weren’t perfect and you turned out okay. Make sure that you have a great husband/life partner with you that’s supportive and in sync with you and your family goals/decisions. Remember that children are blessings not burdens. I’m being transparent here. So often, we tend to take for granted that the lives we brought into this world are precious gifts from God. No matter what the noise level is, or the amount of water on the bathroom floor after a bath, or how hard it will be to get the chocolate stain out of your coveted silk dress…No matter what, be patient and kind. They are just kids!

C: Now THAT is some seriously sound advice and I concur on everything 100%.  I’m trying to do a better job at reminding myself that “they are just kids.”  I’m starting to get a sore from all the tongue biting I’ve been doing as of late. LOL.

I know you also have three kids.  What does a “typical” day in your household look like?

SHEREE: My husband and I get up and ready before the kids. I make them breakfast and send everyone off on the school bus/work/pre-school. I’m working during the day but also managing and planning our family calendar. Lots of glamorous laundry and tidying up around the house. Dinner is usually made when my son comes home from school. I make sure everyone has a snack, because they become unrecognizable mini-demons if I don’t. Then, I’m picking up the girls, dropping my son off at basketball practice, while I wait for my daughter to finish swimming, I’m playing with my baby and checking homework at the same time. Then, depending on whether or not my husband’s in town, he will pick our son up from practice and we’re back at home eating dinner VERY LATE but altogether, which is most important to me! To then, pack lunches and do what we call “DIVIDE and CONQUER” our shared duties – check homework, give baths, read with them (or just talk to my son), make sure their clothes are laid out for the next day. Rinse and Repeat.

C: Whew! It’s always encouraging to know that there are other SAHMs/WAHMs out there whose schedules are just as crazy/hectic/insane.  I know that when I am nursing a boo-boo, changing a diaper and preparing dinner simultaneously, I am definitely not alone. LOL. I sure hope you’re taking notes for me on the homework checking because I will surely need them. Yes indeed, “rinse and repeat.” I hear you on that one lady! 🙂

Thank you Sheree, for being so real with us & sharing your own personal life lessons.  I know you have a lot of fun and exciting things on the horizon at Smart & Sassy Moms.  So I look forward to seeing more and learning more!

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