Your New Beginning Is Now

New beginning
New Beginning

Today’s date is 8/8, and the biblical meaning of the number 8 is new beginnings. So not only do we have a new week and a relatively new month; we have a season of “new”. What exactly that looks like will vary from person to person, but you have a divine right to expect something new from God. Claim it!


What you expect in life is so telling to what you actually receive. Sure, there are those things that completely unexpectantly fall into our laps, but the impact those things have often depend on our readiness to receive them. I’ll use Christine’s trip to L.A. as an example. If she didn’t have the proper support in place to help out with the kids, she perhaps wouldn’t be able to go. If this was an international opportunity and she didn’t have a passport, she most certainly wouldn’t be able to go.

Are you ready?

It’s easy to ask God for something new, but if He up and gives it to you, are you ready? Being ready and having everything “perfect” are two different things. Thigs are rarely perfect, however, if your state of mind is on the right track, you’ll have an idea of where to start to get things in order.

Year isn’t over

I’ve been seeing evidence of newness in different people’s life, including my own, and it’s exciting! This year isn’t over yet. The plans and dreams you had for this year can still happen. Claim your new beginning and act on it!

Re-start or refresh

@GaryVee (social media handle) said of August that it’s a unique month because many people take time off. Therefore this is your opportunity to fill a void, “catch up”, take advantage of the fact that fewer people are in hustle mode right now. On the flip side, he also said if you’ve been in a go-go-go mode, take a break to renew your strength. So whether it’s a re-start, re-charge, re-launch, or refresh season for you, let this new week be your new beginning.

Be blessed!

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    August 8, 2016 at 6:45 AM

    This is so where I am. Thank you Violette for confirmation.
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