Never Undermine Your Dream

Dare to dream

This weekend has been…oh my goodness, a testament that if you dare to dream, believe in your dreams, and allow them to grow into fruition, you can achieve darn near anything. I’ve shared before that I thought because I’m a Christian, the second I step out on faith, everything will fall into place the way I had envisioned it. The Lord showed me though, that stepping out on faith even when it doesn’t look like you envisioned, is a whole other thing.

As some may know, I was putting on a black women’s blogger conference and I had this great vision and plan for it, plans that cost money, money I didn’t have, lol. And as the days grew closer and I realized it wasn’t going to happen the way I’d planned, I considered canceling. I’m eternally grateful I didn’t though because the feedback I got from those who attended has been nothing short of amazing. And God showed me that success looks different at different stages of your journey.

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Having a completed event is a success, and based on the feedback, the next one will be bigger and better (i.e. closer to my vision, lol). Your dream may be to be a New York best-selling author, and just because your first book falls short doesn’t mean the next one, or the fourth one will. Your dream may be to earn 6 figures, but you “only” earned $60,000. Well guess what? We all learn something from the initial attempt that we can tweak, eliminate, or implement for the next time around. Had we never tried, we wouldn’t know what NOT to do. Key word: next time. Don’t give up!

Don’t undermine your dream just because it hasn’t happened yet, or you tried and it didn’t work out how you planned; for it will always work out the way it’s purposed.

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