The Motivation to Keep Going is Found in Your Why

Motivation Knowing Your Why

When you feel like giving up what do you do to keep going? What is that one thing that forbids you to throw in the towel? A lot of people will say passion, or knowing their why keeps them focused on the end goal. Do you know your why? Why did you get started? Why did you say yes? Reminding yourself of that can help you push through one more day. And that’s all you need, strength and motivation for one more day. If the journey seems endless, don’t focus on the end goal, simply focus on making it one more day.


Last week, I mentioned the quote that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, so let’s focus on what it takes to take that first step. Spur of the moment decisions has many times caused me to take many first steps. So has what looked and seemed like a “good idea”. However lacking any form of a plan or passion, those steps quickly dwindled. It wasn’t fun anymore and I just didn’t see the point to putting in the work.


This leads me to also challenge the notion that when you do what you love you never have to work a day in your life. Don’t get me wrong, I get what they’re saying with this, however I think it can also be misinterpreted. There is almost always an aspect to that passion you love so much that will resemble work, especially if you’re turning that passion into a business. I think almost every makeup artist hates washing their makeup brushes, lol.

So knowing that we have to put in work, embrace it by having your WHY in site. Type it up if you have to or make a collage, put it next to your bed or your computer so that taking that next step isn’t quite as hard and making it one more day gets you closer to your goal.

Stay blessed!

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