3 Easy Ways for Moms to Pamper Themselves this Winter

Winter self care pampering mom

Winter’s can be semi-depressing with its short days and seemingly long nights with only a few hours of daylight, most of which are spent indoors at work. When I leave for work it’s dark, and when I get home it’s dark. To combat the gloominess of the season, I think it’s important to not neglect your personal self-care. Especially as mothers, finding time MAKING time to pamper yourself is essential. Here are 3 easy ways to cozy up during the cold winter for some much-needed me-time.

Soaking Bath

After you’ve put the kids to bed, instead of having a quick shower, take the time to draw yourself a nice, hot, relaxing bath. A tub of water won’t cut it to be considered pampering. So head over to LUSH or lushusa.com, and buy yourself a bath bomb. Don’t stop there. Accompany that now colorful bath water with a scented candle. Need ideas on what candle is just right for you? Check out POPSUGAR’s “10 Best Scented Candles” article.

Moisturize and/or Massage

Being a child of African parents, I grew up glistening in Vaseline from head to toe, lol. Now I don’t suggest this, however, I do recommend moisturizing your feet with vaseline and covering them with socks as you go to bed. After that amazing bath you just had, this will do wonders for those crusty winter heels.

A nice massage after your bath, with your muscles now relaxed, is another pampering routine any mom can get used too. (Find out 3 surprising benefits of a massage here.) Now only to convince hubby he’s the designated masseuse, lol.

Cup of Tea

Now that you’ve engaged your sense of smell, touch, and sight. It’s time to satisfy your taste buds to the sound of your favorite tunes. Teavana has a great list of winter tea’s I recommend if you want to explore new flavors. Otherwise, Chamomille or Peppermint are staples that in my opinion never fail.

Winter may be dull and gray, but even as busy moms we can make time to enjoy the most of it. Find those things that are simply better in the wintertime. I mean butternut squash soup just isn’t that delightful on a 90 degree summer day. Nor is cuddling with your favorite throw as cozy when you’re actually sweating underneath, lol.

winter cozy pampering mom


However you decide to pamper yourself this winter, my hope is that you just do. Circumstances, number, and age of kids may perhaps impact your attempts. But if it doesn’t go quite right this weekend cause little Johnny decided to pee his bed and now you’re having to do laundry instead; there’s always next weekend. Your pampering session is happening! Because you mom, deserve it.

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