#MamasMashup – Self-Love: When Mama Needs Timeout

Hey Moms! This month during Mamas Mashup, it has been all about Self-Love! Week one kicked it off with postartum weightloss. In week two, we chatted about what happens when mama ain’t happy! And this week, it’s time to talk about you.

Are you guilty of putting your children in timeout and never taking a moment to put yourself in timeout? And not necessarily because you’re in trouble (although when you don’t give yourself a break, you could be), but because you, of all people need a mommy break! What in the world is that, you ask? Or maybe it sounds foreign because you can’t remember the last time you actually took one. Well if you’re in on my FLY Mom Challenge, then hopefully, you’ve been finding at least a few minutes a day to just do something small for yourself.

The real reasons behind why most moms don’t take time out for themselves is because they feel guilty. They feel they should be spending their time and/or money on their kids/family. Why is it so easy for us to award other moms for their hard work and not do the same for ourselves?

If you have any trouble answering this question, then I want you to join me on this Free RADICAL Monday Night Power Call with Doreen Rainey TONIGHT at 7pm EST. If you find yourself always taking care of others before yourself and helping them reach their goals, without doing the same for you, then this Power Call will be perfect for you! During the call, we’ll go over how to overcome the challenge of self-care without the guilt, and actionable steps you can take to reach your goals.

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Then at 9pm EST, join the Mamas Mashup crew as we take this “When Mamas Needs a Timeout” chat over to Twitter. Be sure to follow @MamasMashup and our fabulous sponsors @LMBNaturals from Love My Baby Naturals. We will be giving away 4 complete gift baskets from the Love My Baby collection.

MamasMashup - timeout

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