@MamasMashup Presents: Penny Pinchin’ 101 Twitter Chat #AioGroupSave

Disclosure: #MamasMashup is teaming up with Aio wireless to teach moms how to cut costs and budget better. The sponsored Twitter Chat entitled Penny Pinchin’ 101 will take place Monday, April 21 from 8-10 p.m. Although compensated, all opinions are that of my own.

Now that my kids are getting older, growing faster and eating more, I’m starting to see just how expensive it is to care for, clothe and feed a family of five. I think all three of the kids get their growth spurts at the same time, because the amount of food they can eat over the course of the day can be ridiculous at times…they are only 2, 4 & 6 for crying out loud!

We literally just bought my son some new jeans a few months back. He put them on two days ago – highwaters! He’s six, wearing a size eight. At this rate, I’m going to have to start getting his clothes tailor made by the time he hits ten. My four-year-old is growing like a weed as well. She went from having a plethora of clothes that fit, to almost having to buy an entire new wardrobe because buttons won’t close and jeans are above the ankles. And it still amazes me that my two-year-old can fit into a lot of the clothes/shoes that her big sister wore just last season. Insane!

Lucky for us, we get a great deal of hand-me-downs. From maternity clothes to baby clothes, I have a group of friends in which we’ve all traded items. It’s like the Sisterhood of Traveling Baby Clothes. It’s one big happy cycle, the gift that keeps on giving. I can’t even tell you how much we have saved on clothes over the last six years because our son gets some great, quality hand-me-downs from our god-son. My daughter also gets a lot of fab hand-me-downs, which get passed right on down to the baby. When someone in the sisterhood is ready to get rid of clothes, we take them. When the kids grow out of them, we pass them on to the next one in line. It’s a win-win for everyone.

As great as hand-me-downs are, there are still times that they outgrow the outgrown clothes, and we have to make a dash to the stores to replenish the wardrobes. Here are 3 ways we pinch pennies when we have to purchase clothes for all three kids:

1. Hit the clearance rack first.

All the cutest, most adorable clothes are always at the front of the store. Don’t get tripped up and caught up by those bright, shiny objects. Cover your eyes if you have to and keep it moving.

2. Sign up for coupons.

Chances are, your favorite store has an e-mail list where they can mail you coupons or you can get them via e-mail. Take advantage and use rewards points if a program exists. I hardly pay full price when I’m shopping for the kids’ clothes (and if I do, you better believe I’m cringing).

3. Shop end-of-season.

I’ll never forget one year when we had a snowstorm close to Springtime. The kids were pumped about playing out in the snow so we headed out to grab some snow boots and gloves. They had completely removed all of their winter gear, and all we found were beach towels and bathing suits.

So from then on, I remember to shop a season ahead of when I’ll need something. It’s like Christmas when the time comes for them to wear it, and you realize you already have your stash.

Aio is committed to making things easy and simple for their customers, all while serving with an attitude of gratitude. They have all the “bright shiny objects” without the price tag or contract to go with them. This is why I’m excited to be teaming up with Aio to chat about their brand new #AioGroupSave program! The Mamas Mashup crew will be chatting all things penny pinchin’ and we want to hear from YOU! 

How do you save when it comes to your family?

Follow this link for super easy registration: #AioGroupSave Penny Pinchin’ Twitter Chat. Then be sure to follow @AioWireless, @MamasMashup, @MomsNCharge, @DearMomDiary, & @SmartNSassyMom to join the party.

You can also join the chat from the box below.


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