#MamasMashup: Co-Parenting Through the Holidays – Stressful or Stress-free?

Hey Moms! It’s Monday, and we want to hear from YOU!

Welcome to another edition of Mamas Mashup Monday!

This week’s topic of discussion is co-parenting during the holidays. Do you get together for the sake of the children as one big happy [extended] family? We’re also wondering if the child can decide whether or not they see/visit the non-custodial parent. And for those who don’t have to co-parent, how do you divide your time up during the holidays between both sides of the family?

You’ll have to follow us over at Smart & Sassy Mom to join in on the convo and let us know whose side you’re on. Be sure to use the hashtag when you join us in the conversation on Twitter @MamasMashup:

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#MamasMashup co-parenting

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