Is it Really “Kids These Days” or Have Kids Always Been This Out of Control? having a recent discussion amongst some girlfriends, it really got me thinking: is it a generational thing or a rite of teenage passage that has kids acting like they’re downright crazy? When I was a teenager, I admit I did a lot of stupid things I wasn’t supposed to do. Sometimes I got caught and sometimes I didn’t. But I was deathly afraid of my parents, so there was no way I was going to outright disrespect them to their faces. But I had friends and acquaintances that I would witness talking back to their parents, disregarding their authority, and just being downright nasty towards them. I never had a taste of alcohol until I was almost a junior in college, and never smoked as much as a cigarette in my entire life. But I knew of friends, and friends of friends who did those things. When I think about kids/teens doing any of these things today, I think back to when I was their age, and remember people doing some of the same things. So is it really just kids “these days”, or have kids always been out of control? Let me paint the picture for you, and then you can tell me if you think I’m wrong…

One of my girlfriend’s brought up a situation with a friend’s son who got left out in the cold (literally) for coming home past curfew. Curfew was 11:00pm, and he decided to show his face at 12:20am at which time he rang the bell, knocked on the door, and nobody let him in. It’s winter, so it’s definitely cold outside. However, before he left, the mother said something to the extent of, “When you come home past curfew, don’t even bother knocking on the door because you will not be allowed back in.” So this reinforces my belief that not following the rules is a common occurrence for this young man. Apparently, he thought his mother was bluffing when he decided to stroll on back to the house at 12:20am. He kept blowing up everyone’s cell phones in the house, and leaving messages explaining how cold it was outside (he wasn’t dressed appropriately for the weather), and how he was sorry and should’ve gotten home on time (uh…ya think?!).

Click here to see what happened as shared on Black and Married With

So what say you?  Do you think this situation is specific to kids being raised in this generation?

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