Happy Wives Club – 8 Essential Keys to Being a Happy Wife

HWC bookI can’t even contain my excitement, but I will definitely try. I’ve been following the Happy Wives Club movement for sometime cause…well, I’m a happy wife! So I am even more excited to join the club as a guest contributor to the site. There is nothing like being surrounded by other women who know what it means to enjoy this wonderful journey called marriage. So be sure to check out the movement and join the 1,000,000 happy wives member challenge today!

Check out my very first post: 8 Essential Keys to Being a Happy Wife

1.  A happy wife knows how to FLY (First Love Yourself). I know this is not the first time you’re hearing it, but it’s really important: you cannot be happy or love someone else in any relationship, if you are unhappy and unloving to yourself. It all starts from within.

2.  A happy wife expresses love to her spouse. She shows her spouse love by having an attitude of gratitude. She tells him how much she appreciates even the smallest of contributions and support.

3.  A happy wife respects her spouseRegardless of differences of opinions, she never engages in name calling or disrespectful behavior towards her spouse.

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What’s even more exciting and inspiring is that Fawn Weaver (Founder of HWC) has traveled the world to discover the secrets to having a great marriage…and wrote a book about it!

You can pre-order your copy of the book by clicking here.

All I can say is that you really need to read it. Even if you’re not married yet, you need to read it. And if you have weddings or bridal showers lined up, you need to put this on your gift list. Seriously, it is just that good.


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