Your Great Opportunity is Behind the Corner – Will You Take It?

I just came back from being recognized at the Canadian Black Women’s Awards ceremony, and as much of an honour being nominated and selected was, the opportunity to be in the midst of so many inspirational women was just as great an honour.

The wisdom shared was incredibly amazing. To see so many black women who have supported and inspired their community in one way or another was an eye opener that everyone can do something to help those coming up after or alongside us.

Some of my takeaways from tonight were:

Ordinary people are capable of extraordinary things

It doesn’t take a special kind of human being to accomplish a great thing; it takes YOU. Yes you! The world needs what it is you have to share. Your testimony and knowledge is unique to you because nobody else has your voice. Experiences may be similar, but someone out there will resonate with you specifically.

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You are a business, or as fellow Black Biz Scope co-founder, Adeea – The Trendy Socialite says, you are an industry. You have it in you to become whatever it is you believe you can be. Look at the next level up and find out what  you’re missing to get there. Then it’s simply a matter of closing that gap by being resourceful. Sounds simple, I know. But there’s no need to complicate things. Now, whether you’re ready to invest the time and money to close that gap is a different question altogether. But you owe it to yourself to pursue your heart’s desire.

When opportunity knocks – open the doggone door

We often quote “if opportunity doesn’t knock – build a door.” But how many times does it actually knock and we dismiss it because of fear? The same opportunities don’t always come back again, so whether you feel like you’re ready or not, sink or swim. At least you’re in it. Don’t stand on the sidelines thinking that you’ll be better prepared next time. Who said there’s a next time?

In a nutshell, you have it in you to inspire those around you so don’t despise or discount how God wants to use you. Just start where you are.

What are some ways you can be an inspiration, teacher or mentor?

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