Giving Your Children A Better Life

Giving Your Kids A Better Life

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Happy New Year! 2018 is upon us and amidst making New Year resolutions left, right, and center (for those of you who do and believe in them), the one thing mothers everywhere should aim for is being better moms this year (and every year for that matter). I may only speak for myself, but I know that parenting can be pretty tough and I fall short A LOT. I know there’s a tendency for mother’s to never give themselves enough credit, and as true as that is, accepting a tip or 3 doesn’t mean we’ve failed at parenting. It just means that we can do better, that’s all.

Following are 3 areas in which we as moms can help our children have a decent start in life as they head out and make their mark in the world.


Our Home

The home and area our children live in plays a huge part in the life they lead and who they grow up to be. This isn’t to say that children growing up in “bad” areas don’t make it in life as sometimes it’s out of our control where we can afford to live. However, there are things we can do to guide them down the right path. As much as possible, look for a neighborhood that is going to boost their upbringing, not bring it down. While they’re still young,  look for the best areas to live in terms of schools and crime rates. A family-oriented neighborhood can also be beneficial which can include both suburbia and inner city. Do your research to see what your state has to offer that best suits you.

Once you’ve decided where to go, help make the move as smooth as possible by using reliable movers in your area. Try using tools such as this to locate one in your area. Once settled, you can begin to tackle getting them into that school you’ve been researching and getting them involved social or sports activities. These are great avenues for children to make new friends with whom they share common interests.


Our Memories

Memories play a big part in your children’s quality of life. If you look back on your own childhood memories, there are memories that will stand out to you that you know have made your life better, (and sadly perhaps some memories you wish you never had). Either way, you carry your memories with you for a long time, some for a lifetime. So creating lasting pleasant memories for our children is something we can aim for this year. It might be a family holiday, days out, or even just days of playing video or board games. A lot of times it’s not necessarily the Disney World trip that’s the end-all-be-all childhood memory. I’m sure it’s up there in the Top 5 for those who’ve been (can’t speak from experience here, lol), but I also strongly believe in this quote:

“Enjoy the little things in life, because one day you will look back and realize they were the big things.”


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Our Finances

There are certain life skills and financial skills that schools just don’t teach our children. Paying bills, how to manage money, buying a house, to name a few. However, having done this ourselves (I’m yet to purchase my first home, but it’s happening in Jesus name!) we are in prime position to teach our children these valuable lessons. I’m not alone in believing that our parents struggled so that we wouldn’t have to. Sometimes we can be a little hard-headed, lol, so we go through our own share of struggles, some that possibly could’ve been avoided. All the same, we go through it to provide better for our children.

It is so easy for the younger generation to have a sense of entitlement and think that money grows on trees because they’ve just never been taught how to manage it. Or as I heard one kid say, “just go to the ATM and get some more money”, lol. Not realizing the connection between the mother’s bank account and the ‘magic machine dispensing money for all.’  Financial ruin is the last thing we want to happen to our kids, so teaching them these types of valuable life lessons while they’re still under our roof is priceless.


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  • AnnMarie John
    January 3, 2018 at 9:31 AM

    When we were looking for a new home, one of the things we looked for was an area that had good schools and little to no crime rate. While that is the case in most of Colorado Springs, some areas aren’t as nice. We got lucky, but you’re right and your tips are spot on.

    • Violette Willis
      January 11, 2018 at 8:02 PM

      I’m so glad you enjoyed this! Thank you for taking the time to comment, and I’m glad you found an area that you and family feel safe and comfortable in. It really makes a big difference. Stay Blessed!

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